You’re So Vain

We all have reasons for wanting to lose weight. Unless you’ve experienced some sort of life crisis where you were specifically told to change your eating and exercise habits or meet your Maker, your weight loss efforts will most likely be vanity based… I can’t remember the last time someone said they wanted to lose weight to increase their blood flow or improve their lung capacity. Reasons for weight loss usually include looking hot in a bathing suit or in a new dress. This is perfectly fine if this is you…in fact, you need to be vain all the time!

I have seen women lose in excess of 50 pounds in the name of taking that big trip to Anguilla or slipping into that size 4 wedding dress. What’s important is that you have a goal to work toward that is both tangible and positive. This will most likely keep you committed to your diet and exercise routine despite setbacks like days where you inhale a medium pizza or a bag of chips OR when you hit the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Instead of setting one goal and falling off the weight loss train after your mission is accomplished, focus on a new goal that will require you to maintain the weight loss keeping you just as fabulous on a regular basis. Try signing up for a marathon or decide to take a yearly trip where bathing suits and amazing bodies are required. Setting fitness goals such as running a marathon can increase your stamina, energy, and will undoubtedly keep you lean and sexy! Running a marathon for a good cause such as breast cancer awareness or a specific charity like the Wounded Warriors fund can also make your quest to “kill it” in a bikini feel less hallow (I’m not judging).

And just think, giving yourself something to continually strive for like supporting a good cause and looking amazing in a bikini  can have a lasting positive impact on your health. Who knew being vain could be so productive?!

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