How to Up Your Gift Wrapping Game

I’m going to be honest with you…I hate wrapping gifts. I do it every year and use the same old wrapping paper with the goofy Santa and reindeer on it. This year I wanted to try something different and dress up my presents because let’s be honest…we spend a lot of time finding the perfect present. I wasn’t looking for any simple and plain wrapping paper this time around and you don’t have to either! Whether you decide to go for wrapping paper with glitter all over it or you decide to decorate the paper with custom face stickers and ribbon, hopefully, whoever the recipient is of the gifts will appreciate the effort that you put into everything.

Sometimes it is good to switch things up though, which is why it comes as no surprise that people opt to use custom gift Wrapping Paper. No one expects it, therefore it comes as an even more surprise along with the gift! Why not spend some time making the presentation just as fab?

Here are some tips to get your gift wrapping game together this holiday season:

Go for the “Wow” Factor When Choosing Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying that cheesy wrapping paper this year, pick something with a little flare. There are a bunch of amazing options available from stripes and polka dots to craft paper that can be customized with rubber stamps. Don’t be afraid to pick something that stands out.

Using Ribbon is a MUST

This is so important that it requires repeating…using ribbon is a MUST! This is one of the ways you can show your creativity and make your gift stand out. There’s nothing like a little glittery ribbon or lace to say you care. It doesn’t have to match, so go for it!

gift wrapping

Gift Tags and Knick Knacks, Oh My!

This is where the most of your personality can shine through. Choose a gift tag and knick-knack to really spark some interest and have your present stand out in a sea of gifts. Some of my personal favs include adding a pine cone or gluing a snowflake to the front of the box for the little extra sparkle.

Try these tips and you’re sure to have everyone scrambling to open your presents first this Christmas!

Happy wrapping.

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