I Woke Up Like This — And Boy Was it An Eye Opening (Week 1)

I walked into my closet four months after welcoming my little girl, Ava (my second child) and the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a closet full of clothes and yet had nothing to wear. The sizes ranged from 4 to 12 and even the 12s were feeling a bit too tight.  

I wondered what the hell was going on? How did this happen to me? How did I wake up one day 25 pounds heavier than I wanted to be with absolutely zero time, energy or willpower to do anything about it? I would like to blame it all on being pregnant, but that’s not entirely true. I’d become accustomed to eating fast food several times a day toward the end of my pregnancy. Instead of food prepping, I opted for lunches out with coworkers and takeout dinners in the evenings. And quite frankly my waist line had suffered for it. I thought all of this “baby weight” was just going to fall off and it hasn’t. It finally sunk in that if I didn’t do something about it that I would be stuck this way.

That’s why I’m posting this in the hope of keeping myself accountable and to keep track of my progress along the way. Every week I’ll share my work-outs, recipes and a recap of what worked and didn’t work. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful if you’re hoping to get back in shape too. 

Here’s my week 1 pic…wish me luck!




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