Why Women Cheat

This topic always seems to interest me. You always hear about men and their cheating ways. We often hear tales of how they always seem to get caught because they’re too sloppy or their woman is too good at snooping. This got me to thinking…how come you don’t hear that many stories about cheating women? Apparently, the answer is simple…because we just don’t get caught!

According to an article I read on the Huffington Post, a survey taken in 2011 notes that out of the 2,000 women surveyed, 87% said they’ve cheated on their significant other. Really?! That’s a high number. What’s even crazier is that almost all of them swear they were never caught and never fessed up! So apparently, there are a lot of cheater, cheater pumpkin eaters out there. And no…I’m not judging you.

Whether those numbers are true or not, I’m more interested in why women choose to step out on their relationships and why they never choose to come clean. After scouring the Internet, it seems the number one reason woman cheat on their significant other is because of lack of love in the relationship. I can see how that would be possible. Women often have unrealistic expectations of their boyfriends/girlfriends or spouses. This is not meant to blame women, but we often times fault our significant others for not being the person we want them to be or not treating us the way we feel we deserve. These are all valid concerns, but the answer is to address the issue with your sweetie and if nothing changes…then move on. Often times, people stay in relationships that don’t necessarily work anymore because they don’t want to start all over trying to find someone new…which leads to cheating.

I personally think that women cheat for a variety of reasons; I am not falling for the whole “women are too emotional and crave love” bull. Not every woman is tied up in their emotions and I want to focus on finding out why women, who are not super emotional and needy (not a lot of women are this way), cheat! I guess you can say ANN is getting to the bottom of this.

I’m interested to know what you ladies think too! Why do you think women cheat? Is it for the same reason men cheat or is it all based on emotions? 

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  • I think some women cheat for various reasons:

    1. They aren’t getting the attention that they used to get when they first got with their significant other. With that said, while women may not seek out the attention from other men, it’s harder for them to reject the attention they may receive since it’s lacking at home. The girl’s night out may result in the taking of another man home, backseat of a car, or a hotel!!

    2. They are selfish and know they won’t get caught! As stated in this piece, there are lot of sneaky ladies out there who kiss, among other things, and don’t tell!

    3. They are getting revenge if their man cheated!! Women can be really petty, sad but true.

    4. They want to feel like they haven’t lost their sexiness. Their man can tell them all day everyday that they look good but flattery and flirtation from another man can make boost their ego up a lot more. A woman might seize the opportunity to test her skills out on someone else to see how right her man is. **(I think situation is rare though. haha)**

  • There is a book called His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley that I think every couple should read. If you haven’t read it before, it talks about this idea that the other person understands you more and even may appear to be your “soul mate”. It’s all a facade based on your current emotions. People have to be careful because it’s so easy to get caught up. I highly recommend the book! It goes into more details about how to keeping your marriage/relationship affair proof.

    • I will definitely have to check this book out! We could all use some advice on how to keep our marriage/relationship affair proof.

  • If the cheating is habitual and constant or just a one time thing determines the motive for why it was done in my opinion. A lot of times cheating starts for either a man or a woman through building an emotional connection with another person. Conversation is the start of it all. When you start talking to someone (coworker, opposite sex friend, etc), sharing intimate details about your life with them, etc. an emotional connection can form and then it’s only natural to either develop feelings for that person or at the least an attraction to them. You have to be careful with this. If you find yourself desiring to talk to this person more, can’t wait to see them to tell them about something that’s going in your life, turning to them for advice when you’re having relationship troubles, etc., then that can be the start of a huge problem and a way for you to get caught up. If your partner is falling short (which we all have our short comings), emotionally connecting with another person (whether it was intentional or not) can get you in big trouble and even take you further than you had hoped to go. I agree with what you said about at least talking to your significant other before just feeling like your needs aren’t being met. Give that person a chance to fix the problem before you just write them off and ending up cheating (whether emotionally or physically). I think most people cheat and don’t say anything because they don’t want to start over and they aren’t sure that the other person will be worth leaving what they built with their significant other. The fear of starting over and the analysis of “time invested” keeps a lot of people in situations that they aren’t necessarily happy with. Just my two cents!

    • You make some excellent points, Ashley! When women involve another person in their relationship, they are increasing your chances of cheating. What I’ve heard from many friends is that this new person tends to understand their POV and agrees with their opinions, which is something they don’t get at home. People tend to bond over those conversations and that can spell danger for their relationship!

      Good insight.

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