Why I’m Super Happy 2013 is Over

Not to be a Negative Nelly, but 2013 was such a weird and difficult year for me. I saw my friend count go from decent to non-existent (I have like 6 friends left) and went through some serious growing pains in my relationship with my husband. But what I’ve learned about myself in this year is invaluable and can only help me going forward. I learned that I often care more for others than I do for myself and I tend to shutdown when a conversation turns into an argument. I’ve always thought ending the conversation was better than cussing someone out, but apparently folks like a good fight. But I have to say that one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from the past year is that I know how to face the music! If you’ve ever had to own up to your mistakes (big or small) and did so despite the consequences… then you and I are in the same boat! And that makes us fearless! GOOOO US!

So in the spirit of improving what I can change about myself and accepting the things I can’t, here are three things I look forward to conquering in 2014:

1.     Managing My Time Better

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually the friend that others always asks for advice or the one to help out with a big move or life crisis. At work, I’m the one The Powers That Be (TPTB) put on 50 billion committees and the person they look for when someone else bails on a webcast. Well…NO MORE! I’m not saying I’m against helping, but I think the amount of time I spend doing those things will be significantly less. After all, I run my own business, cook, clean, spend time with my hubby, bond with my dogs, and I do that all while helping others. I’m sure those folks can survive without me on occasion.

I know my first step is learning to say no to people. That’s not something that I’m particularly good at because I always think of how I would feel if I asked for help and they didn’t want to lend a hand. But, I have to start thinking of ME! I’m thinking that I’m going to actually schedule time for myself in my calendar and not allow that time to be used for anything other than what I find to be important! Unless there’s an emergency, I’m not available.  I’ll let you know how it works out!

2.     Finding My Inner Chi

2013 really did challenge my ability to stay emotionally centered. As a result, I found myself seeing red more often than not. In an effort to find my inner chi, I will avoid becoming upset by indulging in something that makes me feel good when my blood begins to boil. So instead of being upset about spending an hour and a half in a planning meeting at work that resulted in absolutely no outcome or decision being made (I hate wasting time)…I am going to go for a run or spend 5 minutes talking to a friend instead of dwelling on that 90 minutes of time that was spent going in circles.

3.     NOT Being a Person Who Has to Face the Music

When I tell you I went nuts this year…I mean it! I went crazy in a big way! That’s why it’s important that I become the person that I want to be in an effort to avoid the firing squad. That starts with addressing the smaller issues before they become huge problems and being honest when I’m disappointed about something. I’m always the first to say I’m fine and keep it moving, but it’s important to share how I’m really feeling with those around me. I always try to avoid being negative, but I have to accept that the truth is not always pleasant and it’s better to get it out instead of acting out.

That’s my list! I will be sure to share any strategies I’ve learned to make conquering these goals easier and feel free to suggest some of your own. 

Do you have your own reason why you’re happy 2013 is over? If so, share! What you plan to conquer this year? 

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