What to Expect At Your First Prenatal Visit

Your pregnant, so now what? A lot! For starters, you should call your OBGYN to set up your first prenatal appointment. Typically, they won’t see you until your 6-8 weeks so you can either use an online conception calculator or you can call your Gyno for them to do the calculation for you. This calculation is done by using the first day of your last period and tells them your potential due date which allows them to estimate how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test – I realize that you have already probably taken a million and one pregnancy tests but the doctor wants to be sure so be prepared to pee and drink your water before you go!

Family Health History Discussion – Here you will discuss with your doctor you and your husband’s health history. This will determine certain tests you may or may not need based on you and your spouse genetic makeup so make sure to ask your parents about you family’s health history so you’re ready!

Blood Test – Now that you’re pregnant the doctor is going to want to check you and hubby for possible genetic markers, like sickle cell anemia or diabetes, high glucose levels and just to make sure that you’re in healthy condition and all is in order. If you think, you have any blood or health disorders make sure to tell your doctor.

Ultrasound – Baby, while small, will be visible on an ultrasound. Please note this will not be the cutesy stomach ultrasound because baby is too small to see at this point. Instead, you are more likely to get the probe, shaped like a long tampon, which makes it easier to see the baby. This reading also gives an estimation of how far along you are in your pregnancy based off the size of the baby.

Determine Your Due Date – The doctor will confirm without when your potential due date is based on the first day of your last period and the reading from your ultrasound.

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