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Now that we are approaching that stage in our lives where it’s going to be weddings, weddings, and more weddings, I began to wonder about the rules and regulations of wedding etiquette. I myself am no wedding pro, but seeing as how 2012 and 2013 are going to be QUITE wedding heavy, I thought it would be a good idea to research wedding do’s & don’ts and jot down some general rules. Based on my research, I have compiled a list of wedding do’s & don’ts most recommended by wedding etiquette experts below.


DO RSVP: Save the dates & invitations are sent for a reason!! And it makes it hard to determine your guest list AND the COST of your wedding if you don’t RSVP!!!

DO be on time! A wedding ceremony is the LAST thing you want to be late for. Allow enough time to arrive to the ceremony and get lost if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

DO send a gift if you can’t attend: If you were invited to the wedding it’s because the bride and groom wanted you to be there. If you can’t make it, etiquette dictates that you should send a gift to congratulate them on this milestone in their lives.

DO bring a gift if you attend: The bride and groom have spent lots of $$$ for not only their enjoyment but that of their guests as well. That being said, showing up empty handed for free food and drink is just rude and disrespectful. It should go without saying that you should bring a gift, but I have seen it done. Try to remember that the bride and groom are starting a new life together and will appreciate whatever it is you decide to bless them with.

DO follow the dress code: You don’t want to be underdressed, so keep in mind it’s a wedding not a hoedown. Don’t show up to the wedding in a sundress if the invitation noted that it was a “Black Tie Affair.”

DO stay out of the photographers way: The couple has probably spent a pretty penny on their photog to capture the precious moments of their big day, so try not to block the photog’s efforts.

DO party: It’s a wedding so you should ENJOY YOURSELF…why else have all that food, drink, and music?!?!

DO sign the guestbook: The day will be a blur to the couple and they will want to know who was there on their big day, so make sure to sign the guestbook.

DO send thank you notes (you have a 3-month window after the wedding) (Pet peeve of mine): If your guests brought you and your new spouse a gift, it is only right/appropriate to send a thank you note. Who knows how far they traveled or how much they spent to attend your wedding but it’s only appropriate to show your appreciation and thank them for blessing you with a gift.


DON’T wear white: It shouldn’t have to be said BUT FYI IT’S THE BRIDE’S DAY NOT YOURS!!! I mean, do you really want to be that girl???

DON’T assume you can bring a date: If your invite doesn’t say “and guest,” only YOU should be in attendance (this includes your kids).

DON’T just show up for the reception if you were invited to the ceremony: The ceremony is the most important part of the whole day so don’t just attend the reception so you can be first in line for the open bar (it’s just tacky).

DON’T be all about your own wedding: If you’re getting married soon, then GREAT! Congrats to ya! But, it’s the BRIDE’S day, so try to keep your wedding ongoing on the low.

DON’T forget to turn off your phone: Don’t interrupt the couple’s vows with “I’m Sexy & I Know It” lol, hit the silent button and keep it moving!

DON’T get wasted: I know it’s open bar, but try to contain yourself and DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

DON’T bombard the bride & groom: It’s their big day, so they are just as excited as you are, but make sure to give them room to breathe so they can enjoy their meal and each other’s company at the ceremony. Allow them to work the room and then share your well wishes etc.

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