Unsolicited Advice with A+J: Saving Your Herbs

Tell me if this has happened to you. You try out a new recipe that calls for a teaspoon of cilantro. That’s would be easy enough, but you have to buy a cup’s worth of cilantro from the grocery store. You purchase the cilantro; use a teaspoon of it, and the rest spoils! If this has happened to you (I’m guilty, too!), try one of these ideas to keep your herbs fresher for longer:

Plan to Use it

This is the easiest way to make sure you use all of your herbs before it goes bad. If you buy cilantro…put it in your rice, sprinkle it over your tacos. When you’re menu planning, use an app like Gojee to find recipes with cilantro in it. Easy, right?!

Plan ahead.

Treat it Right  

Most of us just throw our fresh herbs in the produce drawer and forget them. Take an old plastic container or a mason jar, fill it with an inch of water, and it should last for at least two weeks.

The Container Store has a ton of these!

Freeze it

My favorite way to freeze herbs is to place them in an ice cube tray and fill each mold to the top with light olive oil. Pop them in the freezer and pop one out whenever you’re ready. They should last for at least two months!

freezer fresh herbs
Oil seems to be the best way to preserve herbs.

Use any one of these tips and you’ll be sure to avoid cussing your refrigerator drawer for being full of sliminess that you will have to clean during the only free time you have on a Sunday afternoon.

And that’s my piece of unsolicited advice!

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