Travel Mistakes

Since I’m a travel pro, I make it my business to try and travel right. I find that you if you follow simple guidelines, your travel experience can always be fuss free! It’s so easy to make simple mistakes while traveling, but if you check out my easy list below, you will be good to go in the future!

Not checking the weather – Common and most frequently made mistake. This should be the first thing you do when you are preparing for travel. How else will you know what to pack!

Not checking legal details – Some countries will not let you in their country for certain reasons, most commonly having a criminal record. It’s so important because countries like the USA are very strict about this. Countries like Canada have pardons and waivers that you can access in this case if needs be to clear your name of a criminal record to ensure you can travel with no legal worries, but you’ll have to check how to do this based on whichever country you’re living in.

Not printing a travel itinerary – It might seem old school, but having a printed out travel itinerary in hand is always helpful! While technology has advanced, we still don’t have 24hr battery power; therefore if your mobile device, tablet, or laptop loses power your out of luck, so just have a hard copy on hand for good measure.

Over packing – This has to be the most common and easily made mistake. We all do it. You think, let me bring an extra outfit just in case we go to an elegant dinner. Or maybe I’ll need an extra pair of shoes if we decide to play lacrosse. Chances are you will do none of the above, so just stick to bringing 1-2 extra items for spills and keep it at that!

Not contacting your credit card company – Super easy mistake – especially if you’ve only just received the best credit card to build credit because you won’t be used to what you need to make the bank aware of. It’s the last thing you think to do when you are worrying about transportation, packing and plane tickets, but it’s very important. If you’re not using the right card you may incur a lot of fees or miss out on using a card that offers bonuses for using points overseas. Either way, make sure you contact your credit card company letting them know that you will be out of town so they don’t shut your card down due to suspicious activity.

Booking everything online -When calling hotels, ask to speak with the general manager or someone in guest relations, and inquire about special rates or deals. Hotels like the Boutique Hotel Downtown San Jose tend to have some offers that they can give to guests who are staying there for a business trip. They offer corporate and AARP rates which could prove to be vital for the trip as it could allow you to spend more money on other things. Getting the hotel booked as quickly as possible can give you more time to focus on everything else that can help to make the trip a success.

Not taking advantage of loyalty/points programs – Enrolling in airline, car rental, and hotel programs gets you great perks. Almost every business in the travel/tourism industry offers a club for frequent customers. Through these reward/points programs, members earn points/miles for spending money that is paid back in free plane tickets, hotel rooms, cashback credits and more.

Trying to do too much in one trip – Allow time to wander about, people watch, and relax; don’t try to hit every hot spot museum, 5-star trip advisor restaurant, and monument or you’ll take the fun out of the trip and devalue your experience. If you are going abroad to see as many sites as you can, it can be hard if you are relying on public transport to take you everywhere. You can instead look at car rentals. Places like Crete have the Rental Center Crete for people to use, cheap prices per day for rental, it might be the better option if you are wanting to really see your surroundings,

Traveling in season vs. off-season – Looking to save money you should consider traveling right before or after peak season. You can save anywhere from 50% plus on hotel stays and attractions.

Checking phone plan before traveling abroad – Check to make sure that you are covered to not incur additional fees and save yourself from data or text messaging charges.

Not telling your fam or close friends you’re going to be out of town – Always make sure to tell your family or a close friend or neighbor when you will be out of town and your anticipated return. Anything can happen on travel and you don’t want something to come up and it be an emergency and you’re nowhere to be found. Furthermore, they can keep an eye on your home or car and collect your mail if you haven’t put a hold on it.

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