To Refrigerate or Not?

As I was cleaning out my refrigerator the other day and checking labels for expiration dates, I noticed that some of the items in the fridge said “do not refrigerate.”  It made me think what other items I had in the fridge that might be breaking the rules and vice versa. So, I did a quick go through and discovered a few things about the items in my fridge based on the information on their label.

  • Tomatoes Tomatoes Will get mealy in the fridge
  • Potatoes Potatoes Affects flavor
  • Hot sauce Hot sauce Three-year shelf life in pantry
  • Ketchup and mustard Ketchup and mustard Technically does not need refrigeration after opened and can last one month in the pantry six months in the fridge.
  • Onions Onions They will start to mold because of the moisture in the fridge
  • Honey Honey Causes it to harden, darken, and crystallize
  • Bread Bread Dries out when refrigerated
  • Batteries Batteries Extreme heat and cold drains them
  • Avocado Avocado Should sit out to ripen

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