Things NOT to Do Once You Get Married

People always say once you get married, you should do xyz. But, do people ever mention what you shouldn’t do? If not, I am going to mention the things I don’t think that couples should do once they are married. I’m sure there is a PLETHORA of things you shouldn’t do, but I’m only going to list the 5 that I think are most important.

Don’t change: I think this one is super important! A lot of times, people get married and become a new person. I have no clue why, but it happens. And, chances are your spouse won’t appreciate the appearance of this new person after you say “I do.” While it’s important to grow together once you are married, changing completely is unnecessary. Your spouse married the person you were BEFORE you said “I do” for a reason, so try to make sure they stick around for years to come.

Don’t cut off single/friends: Before getting married, I was really surprised to hear that this was an issue. But now that I am, I can totally see why. Once you get hitched, it’s easy to not see single friends as much because all of a sudden you start doing all of these “married/couple” outings and events. You don’t do it on purpose, but sometimes, it can just happen. But I think it’s so important to still make time for your single/friends. Don’t feel like, “you’re not married so we can’t hang out” because if they were cool enough to hang out with before your marriage, then they should be cool enough to hang out with after.

Don’t let yourself go: I feel like this should really go without saying, but apparently not; there are too many examples of people acting like they don’t look in the mirror once they get married. If you were working out before you got married, keep yourself up! I say this because now your hubby has to look at you for the rest of his life and I’m sure he would prefer if the body you had on your wedding day was still intact! Now this isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a 5-10lb window of wiggle room, but if you getting over that, its time to have a few more celery sticks and ditch the chips! Now, I’m not gonna lie…I did put on a few pounds after the wedding, but I got my butt right back in that gym and am keeping myself up! I don’t need my hubby eye wondering because he thinks he has a whale of a woman at home! lol

Don’t stop having sex: This is important because they say its one of the first things to go when you get married. I will admit that we have gone 2 weeks without a romp because we were so busy at work during the week and busy going to friend’s weddings, showers, cookouts, etc. on the weekend. So we made a note that we have to make time for it because it’s so easy to reach the bottom of the priority list when you have other stuff going on.

Don’t stop dating each other: No matter how long you have been together, it is so important to keep dating. The things you did on day 1 you should do on day 120,364,537. Because I assure you, it will be noted and not forgotten! Lol You know how we ladies do.

Think I missed something or have something to add? Let me know below!

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  • You definitely hit the nail on this article! #1 being “Don’t stop having Sex”. It’s so easy to get into the routine of doing things that this falls on the priority list. Well, for my husband it never fell off on the list lol. But after almost two years of marriage, I can definitely say that I am learning to have the same mindset and this is PRIORITY!!! The act itself is such a unifying and passionate event that demonstrates love and oneness on so many levels.

    Another thing to add is “Don’t make assumptions”…whether it is with future plans, finances, household chores, etc…Communicate at all times!

  • Don’t involve each other’s parent’s in your arguments/disagreements!! It is NONE of their business what goes on in your marriage! I know some of us are used to going to mom and dad to vent on relationship issues but marriage is completely different from a bf/gf relationship. Read your Bible, talk to a pastor or counselor, and or best friend for venting. And remember a friend’s opinion for venting is NOT LAW, there’s no need to bring it up with your spouse when trying to talk out your issue, it may make things work.

    • GOOD POINT!!! I totally agree with that! Plus I feel like when you get married you should be old enough/mature enough to work the problems out with your spouse!! I would just also encourage that if you need marriage advice make sure its from a married person becuase what can someone not in your situation tell you??

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