The Price to Get Abs Like These

The grand total for one small pineapple, one honeydew melon, 1 ½ pounds of green grapes, 2 bags of salad (spring mix), a container of strawberries, an 8-oz container of brown sugar ham, and a bag of almonds is (drum roll please) $30.84. Now that may not sound like much at first, but keep in mind there’s not a lot of protein like chicken, beef, turkey, or any other protein source like beans or legumes. Even still, that handful of fresh produce is only enough for one week! That means in order to eat fresh produce every month you would have to spend at least (at minimum) $123.36 alone!

That may be the issue most Americans are having with their weight loss attempts. Whilst they may be able to get some supplements to help after finding out more on Ultra Omega Burn and others, the cost of fresh produce and lean cuts of meat are often too expensive for a family of four, even singles who make $30,000 or less per year. When you calculate other expenses such as housing, health care, and gasoline, it’s no wonder why we prefer processed foods that are significantly cheaper and last longer. Other expenses such as a gym membership and buying workout clothing combined with the expense of food, presents a significant challenge for a nation that benefits from dozens of unhealthy alternatives such as fast food and sugary snacks. Luckily, there are alternatives to healthy eating in a bid to lose weight, such as HCG injections. Injections done yourself are significantly cheaper than those administered professionally. You can find an IHCG Injections page that lists products for sale here to get your HCG to lose weight.

Upon first thought, there are two good ways to save money on fresh produce and meat such as visiting your local farmer’s market and taking advantage of sales at your grocery store. This will often find you eating vegetables that are in season, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. While I go about my weight loss journey, I will not only keep track of my weight loss and workout regimen but will also track how much losing weight actually costs.

Stay tuned for ideas on how to prep food when you’re on a diet and good tips on making sure to eat every three hours!

Good luck in your weight loss efforts and be sure to share how you save money on produce!!!

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