The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Christmas Dinner

Not exactly a domestic diva in the kitchen? You’re not alone! Many busy, young professionals find themselves overwhelmed by the idea of preparing a huge Christmas dinner for close family and friends. Never fear…ANN’s got you covered.

If spending all day in the kitchen sounds more like some sort of medieval punishment than domestic bliss, try this holiday menu that will save you loads of time and will be sure to please:

Main Dish

HoneyBaked Ham or Turkey or BOTH

The HoneyBaked Ham/Turkey has become a staple for many families over the Christmas holiday. According to HoneyBaked Ham’s website, their hams and turkeys should be served at room temperature. So basically, all you have to do is take the ham or turkey out of the refrigerator a half hour before eating!!!! It’s that simple!!!!!!!!!!! A typical 8 lb. bone-in ham or boneless turkey serves about 10 to 12 people and that amazing honey glazed crust is all compliments of someone else!

Now, their hams and turkeys can be a tad pricey, but it will save you hours of slaving over a stove. You’re welcome!!!!!

Side Dishes

1. Mac and Cheese

No holiday dinner is complete without mac and cheese on your plate. If you don’t have a recipe of your own, try my Down South Mac and Cheese recipe:

It will take you about 25 minutes to prepare the macaroni for baking, but after that, you just pop it in the oven to bake for 45 minutes and let it rest 20 minutes before serving.

2. Garlic-infused Green Beans

My normal process for infusing garlic flavor into green beans is a little lengthy. To save time…CHEAT! Wegman’s has a really awesome garlic finishing sauce that can be added to freshly steamed green beans. It should take you all of 10 minutes to steam and season the veggies. Who says cheaters never prosper?

3. Come one, come all…side dishes, that is.

Encourage guests to bring other seasonal dishes like sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes (if you prefer), collard greens and other favorites. If you’re lucky, you will have at least 5 additional dishes to serve that you never had to prepare at all! It’s okay, you can say it…Man, I’m good!


This should be the easiest thing in the world to figure out. BUY THEM! There are so many rolls and pies to choose from during this time of year, it would be criminal to bake one yourself, right? Grocery stores usually have a good sale going a week before Christmas, so buy one of those frozen apple, pecan, or sweet potato pies and pop them into the oven about an hour before dinner is ready.

Craving something homemade?  Go to your local bakery or farm. They usually have an amazing selection of freshly made pies that tastes just like granny use to make. If all else fails…have granny make them! 

Put this all together and you will have yourself a delicious Christmas dinner that only required YOU to spend less than an hour actually cooking something!  Go on and have that glass of wine to celebrate preparing the easiest Christmas dinner EVER!

Merry Christmas folks!

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