The Blacklist Returns with The Good Samaritan

Raymond Reddington and crew returned Monday night with a new baddie and our favorite criminal seeking revenge! Of course this revenge all stems from the two-part Anslo Garrick episodes from December, but at least the audience learned the identity of the mole and we have our favorite dynamic duo (Liz and Red) back together again.

 Here’s all the important stuff you missed:

The New Baddie – The Good Samaritan 

As we know, the whole purpose of the Blacklist is to introduce a villain that can be easily disposed of by the end of the episode. This was no different! The Good Samaritan, as our new baddie was called, killed victims monsters that abused their children and spouses. The kicker? He killed these folks by inflicting the same injuries on the abusers. It was really hard not feel sympathetic for this bad guy since his intentions were good, but his delivery…not so much!

Red’s Witty Banter

There are so many good quotes from this episode that one can barely keep count. The most notable line of the night comes when Red, who has insinuated himself into the home of a banker who financed his extraction from an FBI black site, shoots the banker in the leg and then throws his wife in the closet. 

Blacklist 1.13.14 janice 4







  Blacklist 1.13.14 janice 3







Blacklist 1.13.14 janice







Blacklist 1.13.14 janice 2







Red Went on a Murdering Spree!

Out for blood, Red is rounding up all the folks involved in handing him over to Anslo. Here’s one of the unlucky guys below…

Blacklist 1.13.14 diner 6   Blacklist 1.13.14 diner 1







Blacklist 1.13.14 diner 2

Blacklist 1.13.14 diner 3








 And the Mole is…

For all of you who thought Newt Phillips…you were right! If you find yourself asking…who? Welcome to the club. Newt worked for Red in earlier episodes and wasn’t really seen again until now (hence why there’s no pics here). He was dispatched by Red because he ain’t got time for traitors!

Dynamic Duo United!

  Blacklist 1.13.14 dynamic duo 1 dynamic duo 2





dynamic duo 3

dynamic duo 4






Stay tuned for next week’s recap! 

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