The Benefits of Cooking Together

Sometimes it’s just easier for the person who makes it home first to start dinner. But there are benefits for waiting for your spouse to get home before firing up the oven. Most often, couples find themselves caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life. Paying bills, annoying coworkers, and maintaining the household can get in the way of making time for each other.

Here’s why you should make time to cook with your honey:

  1. Improved communication – Spending time together in the kitchen will allow for more communication. During the hour you are preparing dinner, you can ask your husband about his day, talk about anything that is on your mind, or even make plans for the rest of the week. Plus, working together to prepare a meal will demonstrate how well you both listen to each other.
  1. You’ll save money – We all have scheduled a date night with the intention of catching up with our spouse. It’s easy to order food and let the wine flow, but on average a date night can cost anywhere from $50 to $100! But making dinner at home and buying a good bottle of wine can run you $40 (and you’ll have leftovers!) Save some money…it’s about spending time together, not money.
  1. Learn something new – I’m sure you know your husband’s favorite food, but did you know about his other favorite dishes? Like for instance, did you know he likes to mix his corn into his mashed potatoes? Or, that he puts Old Bay on his corn? Use this time to learn something about your husband that you did not previously know. This can help you become a better wife because you can take that extra time to make him feel special and show that you care.

I hope you will consider these benefits the next time you decide to cook dinner. Make it a family affair and let me know how cooking together has improved the quality of your relationship.

Source: Fitsugar


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