Surprising Habits That Can Ruin a Marriage

Talking It Out…with the Wrong Person!

There’s no doubt that your best bud will understand. She will help you sort through the confusion and most times, she will agree with you. The only problem is…the issue is still unresolved with your partner. While it’s always great to commiserate with your best bud about what’s bothering you, make sure your partner is in the loop. This helps to reduce any unfair biases and it helps you to resolve the issue with the right person.

Focusing Only on Your Mistakes

No one is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. We all make mistakes. Acknowledging them is the first step to self-improvement. Just don’t continue to dwell on your mistakes and don’t let others drag you down with your shortcomings. That lack of confidence will make you less assertive in your relationship, it will turn you into the proverbial doormat, and it will lead to a dead-end, relationship-wise.

Saying No to “The Big Lebowski”

It’s tempting to come home and turn the television channel to your favorite guilty pleasure, like a soap opera or reality show. After a long day of working, cooking, and cleaning, these precious few moments are the only leisure time we can hope to have for the day. It’s tempting to tune everything and everyone out for a few moments to yourself, but it’s not a good idea to put your significant other on your “do not disturb” list. Yes, to ignore your hubby since this is the week Nick gets his test results back to see if he is really Summer’s father on the “Young and the Restless.” But, it’s just as easy to watch the scene from “The Big Lebowski” where Walter accidentally covers The Dude in Donny’s ashes. The point is…let him pick the movie/show. Don’t be like me and “accidentally” throw it in the trash. It won’t matter because they play that movie too much…like every day! Save yourself the anguish.

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