How to Style Your Coffee Table

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is to style your coffee table. Despite how easiest it is, most people feel intimidated by decorating a coffee table because they see all the Pinterest-worthy coffee tables in magazines and on social media. Well, don’t be intimidated by those folks…they have too much time on their hands! Coffee table decor can be easy, affordable, and fun!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Decide Your Style

Are you a shabby chic girl who loves her soft pastels and frilly accessories? Or, are you the girl who loves chunky accessories in bold colors? Whatever your choice, think about how you are going to express that with your coffee table and how it will fit into the overall design theme of your room. If you let your husband decorate the living room, odds are that your shabby chic inspired coffee table will look out of place.

coffee table decor
home design decor

 Pick a Color Palette

This is another huge element of decorating a coffee table. The easiest way to make a statement is to opt for a neutral palette and throw in pops of color. Pay close attention to the colors of the books you’ll stack on your table (make sure the lettering matches the palette), the color of the flower petals, and how these colors contrast with the rest of your décor.

coffee table decor
sass interior
coffee table decor
tip junkie
coffee table decor
home trend design

Add a Tray

Trays are a great way to add some fanciness to a coffee table without spending a bundle. My favorite place to pick up trays is Pier 1 Imports because they always have a sale and you can find dozens of trays in a billion different colors and styles.

coffee table decor
this woman’s style

Add some flower power

One of the best ways to throw in a pop of color is to throw some flowers in a vase and add it to your coffee table design. The only challenge is the price tag of keeping fresh flowers like hydrangeas on the table year-round. I vote for some fake, but natural-looking hydrangeas, that will always look amazing and not cost you a small fortune!

coffee table decor
what else michelle
coffee table decor
all things fab

Think contrast!

Adding contrast to your table can be simple! If you have a long table, you can stack your books at different heights. If you have a smaller table, add storage space for little knick-knacks by adding a textured box to your design. Don’t be afraid add texture because it will only make you table look THAT much better!

coffee table decor
coffee table decor
lady lattimer

Here’s a little inspiration for you to get started:


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