Sex on the First Date

To give it up, or not to give it up…that IS the question!

Everyone knows the rule: hooking up on the first date would disqualify you from being considered girlfriend material. But in this day and age, sex on the first date is not as uncommon or frowned upon as it once was.

A lot of girls worry about the aftermath of first dates. It’s fun. They hook up…and then the guy loses interest. Then, they’re left wondering why he stopped calling. It could be for any number of reasons. Maybe he’s too picky, maybe he doesn’t feel a spark, maybe he’s commitment-phobic, or maybe he’s just a game-playing douche bag!

I’m not saying that every guy you meet should have a fair shot at the candy jar; it’s totally fine if getting nekkid with some dude you’ve known for a few hours isn’t your thing. The point is that the hard-and-fast dating rules (like “No sex till date three”) and old-fashioned expressions like “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” are antiquated and no longer accurate—they produce all this unnecessary anxiety and shame about something normal and natural like dating and sex. So, if you’re up to it…go for it!

Besides there are a lot of men that will wait to have sex and still milk the cow for years without putting a ring on it.

Food for thought!

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