Tips for Finding A Pediatrician

I require very little of my healthcare providers because I hate going to the doctor and really have no intentions of going but once a year to confirm that I’m not dying. All I ask is that my doctor (first and foremost) accepts my insurance, has some experience, is a woman (men tend to dismiss a woman’s symptoms too often… this might be a genetic disposition), and refrain from prescribing me a whole bunch of medication because I will never even fill half of it…unless I’m in extreme pain or it is confirmed that not taking this medicine will result in my untimely death. So as you can see, I really don’t require a lot. 

Imagine my frustration and exhaustion trying to find a pediatrician for my first child when my standards for my own physician are so low! Was I supposed to just randomly select a name on the provider directory page? What made them qualified to treat my son? Was a list of accomplishments enough to tell me this is the right doctor? To make matters worse, most pediatricians won’t meet with you without getting paid, so if you’re considering interviewing several candidates, it can get costly. So to save some money and get your search heading in the right direction, here are a few tips that helped me settle on what should be a solid choice for the newest addition to my family:

1. Consider the type of physician you’re looking for. 

Consider whether you are looking for a physician that exclusively works with children or one that treats individuals of all ages. There are benefits and drawbacks to each choice. Like for instance, having a doctor that only treats children will allow them to stay current on all the latest medical issues and ailments without having to delay treatment. On the other hand, a physician that treats the entire family (commonly referred to as a Family Practitioner) will have unique insight into your family history that pediatricians will not be privy to.

2. Ask your OB/GYN for recommendations. 

One of the best resources during your search can be your OB doctor. OB doctors will make recommendations based on your history (this includes baby), the quality of care offered by this physician, and might be able to provide some feedback from other new parents referred to their top picks.

3. Consider the Hot Topics. 

Are you concerned with how vaccines will affect your child’s likelihood of developing autism? Do you support a natural path of treatment before any medical interventions are taken? This is something you will need to confirm are the same beliefs of the physicians you are interviewing, or you may find yourself switching doctors after your baby arrives.

Consider these three tips and you should be well on your way to making a sound decision about who should be carrying for your precious bundle of joy! 

Happy hunting!!!!

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