Seafood 101

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE seafood! I could easily substitute seafood for chicken and beef anyday. I love tilapia, swai and especially some bairdi crab legs. Seafood is full of protein and it’s a great addition to any dish. But, just in case you don’t know about the different types, how it’s sold, or how it’s prepared, I thought I would enlighten you. Please note that while there are many other types of fish, the ones listed are the most commonly eaten.


Shell Fish

Type–Texture–How Sold–Prep

Crab – Whitish meat – Whole/live–Broiled/steamed

Lobster – Delicate/tender –Live/frozen–Broiled/steamed

Shrimp – Delicate/gray/brown – Raw/shelled/unshelled–Broiled/steamedgGrilled



Type–Texture–How Sold–Prep

SalmonPink/orange/med/firm Steak/fillet/smokedBroiled/grilled/baked/sautéed


Trout  Pale orange/firmFilet/wholeBroiled/grilled/baked/sautéed/fried

FlounderWhite meat/soft/flakeySteaks/fillet/wholeBroiled/grilled/baked/sautéed

HalibutWhite meat/firmSteaks/fillet/wholeBroiled/grilled/baked/sautéed


Selection – Fish should smell fresh and mild, not fishy, or sour. Fish eyes should be clear and not milky. There should be no discoloration or darkening to flesh. Shellfish should not be cracked or broken. Check label for date of when harvested or packaged. Tap clams, oysters, mussels shell to see if it will close. If it does not do not select them. Also, check crabs and lobster for leg movement as dead crabs and lobsters spoil quickly.

Storage – Fresh seafood should be stored in your fridge and can last 3-5days.

Frozen Fish -Place fillets still in vacuum wrap in bowl of cool water until completely thawed or place in refrigerator until thawed.

Cooking While cook times vary for different types of seafood, it is typically done when it is no longer opaque in color and will flake easily with a fork when finished cooking.

Wild vs. Farm Raised – Wild Seafood is found living in its natural habitat and is caught in the same way. Farm raised seafood is grown/cultivated in the ocean or fresh water.

Servingnever leave seafood out more than 2 hours as it will spoil. Keep cold seafood dishes on ice and hot seafood dishes refrigerated until ready to serve.

Hopefully, these charts and tips will help you avoid confusion at your local grocery store and help you to become familiar with different fish and how to prepare it.

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