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The first time I used the dock I was so nervous because I wondered if I’d be the person it didn’t work for. As I am a huge fan of a co-sleeping I wanted my son to not only sleep soundly but also be safe. I wanted a sleeping solution that not only allowed him to sleep more soundly, but would also help me transition him into a crib when I was ready. After mentioning my search to a college friend she introduced me to the DockATot.

So what is a DockATot you ask? A DockATot is a multifunctional loungers that comes in two sizes and can be used for lounging, relaxing, sleeping, playing, tummy time and more. It’s a breathable and very comfy mat with a built-in bumper. It’s has a cute design that is really simple but functional. It’s available in two sizes – for newborns DockATot Deluxe (o-8 months) and toddlers DockATot Grand (9-36 months). Prices start at $165 for the Grand and $190 for the Deluxe.

Dock 550

Now I realize you’re probably thinking, this thing costs what? I’ll just put my baby in his/her crib, or the sofa etc. I assure you I thought the same thing but the fact my baby could sleep comfortably virtually anywhere was the real selling point. I could go from to room to room with my dock and baby sleeping peacefully with no issues. I was able to my have my son in his dock next to me on the sofa, or on the table while I cooked, cleaned, went to the bathroom, etc. It’s basically a mini portable bed for your baby. The thick padding on the sides prevents your baby from rolling out and also makes the feel like they are still in the womb/close to you so it helps them to sleep longer. In addition to portability, I was no longer concerned with getting spit up or poop on my sofa, carpet, bed etc.  I also love the fact that it’s so lightweight and the perfect item to travel with so I don’t have to worry about putting my baby on the bed at grandmas or on recycled hotel bedding. I just wish I had it as soon as he was born so that I might have had this type of flexibility.

Having used the dock for almost 3 months now I believe that it’s one of those products that every new mom should have in her arsenal of sleep products. It’s almost as important as the Boppy and Aden + Anais blankets! The only criticism of the dock that I will note is that at 6 months my son is rolling all over the place and he can’t roll around in the dock as easily because of its structure. But I guess that just means its almost time for an upgrade to the DockATot Grand!

For more information about the dock check out the pics of my little one using it, the video below and make sure to go there website here! 

Dock Box
dockatot baby
My handsome boy


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