Why Potty Training Boys is Harder and What You Can Do About It

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Have you ever had someone wish you luck after you’ve told them that you were potty training your son? Well I have…about a billion times. Usually what follows is some well-meaning family member or friend telling you how much harder it is to train boys and that their little girls came out the womb ready to pee on the pot. That’s of course if they’re not telling you that you should have started potty training ages ago.

Is it Really Harder to Potty Train Boys?

The short answer – yes. There are some legitimate reasons why potty training boys can be harder than girls.  For one, experts point out that boys are generally more active than girls and are less likely to want to stop just to use the bathroom. Another reason boys tend to have a tougher time is due to how they learn to potty train. Boys typically start potty training sitting down. Once they’ve mastered that, they then have to learn how to stand up and aim to pee. This can create some confusion and frustration, but you can make it fun by employing the age-old cheerio trick!

What Can You Do About It?

There are a dozen articles that claim you can have your kiddie trained in a week. Some kids may catch on quickly, but most will take some time to grasp the finer points of using the restroom. Here a few steps that is sure to help to make the process a little easier for you and the little one:

potty training
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1. Set a Schedule

Try sitting your little man on the potty about 15 minutes after every meal (snacks don’t count) and right before bath time. When you’re out running errands, keep to this schedule by always making sure there’s a potty around. This is meant to get your kid use to certain times when he’s supposed to go.

potty training
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2. Bring the Party to the Potty

Make potty time fun with books, music, and flattery. Make sure your little one knows how proud you are of him whether he goes that time or not.


potty training
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3. If all Else Fails — Bribery is Always Good Option

Does your kid have a favorite healthy snack they like to eat? If so, give it to them if they potty! My weapon of choice from time to time has been a yogurt pop!

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