Pork…Whats the big deal?

So lately, more and more of my friends are going anti-pork. When I ask them why, they just say, “I don’t do swine” lol. Unfortunately, that tells me nothing. In case you didn’t know, ham, bacon, ribs, and pigs feet are types of pork. But of all the meats, pork seems to be regarded the most harshly. I honestly feel that people’s aversion to pork is more of a fad.  So, I thought I’d look up some information to find out why so many people are turning away from pork. I know that I’m not much of a “porker,” but some people love that stuff, so let’s see why people are opting not to eat it.

Toxins: Apparently, the quality of an animal’s flesh is directly related to what it eats and pigs eat everything.  Conveniently, the meat and fat of a pig absorbs toxins like a sponge and they have a higher toxicity than beef or venison. Consumption of pork can lead to appendix, stomach issues, or acute eczema.

Parasites: Pigs have over a dozen parasites infecting them, including tapeworms, flukes, and trichinae. These parasites cannot be killed at any temperature and can transmit an estimated 30 diseases to people after ingestion.

Digestion: Of the various kinds of meat that people can ingest, pork is the most difficult. This is because the body needs to break down the toxins and flesh.

Nitrates: Pork is full of nitrates that are found in sandwich meats, hot dogs, and sausages. Nitrates can be associated with intestinal issues, brain tumors, and gout.

Kosher: Kosher foods are foods that conform to Kashrut (Jewish dietary law). This means the meat has been prepared properly and in accordance with Jewish law.

So what have we learned? Pork has ISSUES! But, despite these new facts, I will still eat my bacon. I’m sure every meat has its issues. For example, people complain about how cows and chicken are raised and they are concerned about the mercury content in fish. The best policy is to be informed. Know what you are putting in your body.

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  • After semi-giving up pork off-and-on for a few years, hubby and I have been eating every kind of pork under the sun in recent weeks (yikes!). From andouille sausage to bacon to ham on Meat Lovers’ pizza, I must say nothing beats the taste of good ol’ swine, lol. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who loves her bacon! It’s just waaaay better than the turkey kind!

    • Shee, let me be the first to welcome you back to the dark side of PORK!! lol. I think in moderation pork is perfectly fine. If you are having it every day that might be a bit much, but really it just adds so much flavor to things!! How can you not love the stuff?!?

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