Phuket: Making More Out of My Travels

It is well documented that my last trip to Asia a few years ago was a complete nightmare (strike 1). This is not to say there’s anything wrong with the culture, but I am clearly more claustrophobic than I originally thought. In order to prepare myself for my upcoming trip, I’ve purchased several books about Phuket, I even checked out what a ladyboy is (go here if you don’t have a clue either). I was psyched to learn the official language: Thai. As I scoured the web for a level one copy of Rosetta Stone – Thai, I was hit with a hard truth: there was no Thai version (UGH – strike 2)! Instead of taking this as some sort of cosmic sign that someone upstairs doesn’t want me to go to Asia, I have decided to focus on finding interesting cultural things to try while there. If you are interested though in getting to Phuket yourself, then you should go for it. You could even check out something like these cheap flights to Phuket with Globehunters. I might not have liked it at the start, but I’m giving it another go and who knows, you might love it.

Each month, I will be posting something new I’ve learned about Phuket. Remember to send me all of your suggestions if you’ve been to Phuket before or if you have just read about something you wanna try! I will post them in the travel section and might make it part of my video coverage during my trip to South Asia in 2015.

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