Why You Always Burn Your Pan Fried Chicken

Have you ever started a recipe for pan fried chicken and before five minutes had passed, your main course was burned? Me too! Most cookbooks and directions online will tell you to marinade the chicken and then plan on cooking it about 5 or 6 minutes on each side (or until the chicken is completely cooked). Completely cooked chicken means a temperature of roughly 165 degrees and that usually doesn’t happen in 10 to 12 minutes.

If you’re tired of burning your pan fried chicken, follow these steps and say adios to Cajun cuisine (unless that was intended) and hello to juicy and most importantly, completely cooked chicken:

1. Make your chicken breast thinner 

Most directions will tell you to marinade your chicken and then place it in a frying pan with very little oil. Your chicken should magically cook in like 10 minutes. ALL LIES! Chicken breasts these days are huge and you will need to cut it in half and use a meat pounder to ensure that your chicken is thin enough to cook on the stovetop.

2. Use 2 tablespoons of oil, not 2 teaspoons

This is one of the contributing factors to burning chicken in a pan. Some people believe that because their pans are non-stick that they can get away with using little to no oil at all. Well, that’s not true! Be sure to use at least two tablespoons of oil and be careful not to burn the oil off too quickly. Olive oil is great for cooking with, but burns too fast, so consider using vegetable oil!

 3. Plan on Changing the Cooking Temperature

Another common mistake folks make is cooking their chicken on medium to medium high heat the entire time. Cooking your chicken at this temperature will cause the outside to brown entirely too fast and then burn since it still requires more time before the chicken is actually done.

It’s okay to start your chicken on medium to medium high heat, but do that only until your chicken reaches the desired color on the outside. After your chicken is adequately browned, reduce to the heat to medium low and flip continuously until your thermometer reads 165 degrees.

Try these tips and never worry about burned pan fried chicken again! Happy cooking!!!

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