Paleo Diet: A Good Way to Sneak in Superfoods

The Paleo Diet operates on the assumption that if our ancestors didn’t eat it…then we shouldn’t. This means no refined sugars, legumes, dairy, or grains. Translation: goodbye donuts, honey-roasted peanuts, milkshakes, and Uncle Ben’s rice bowls. This diet consists solely of fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and poultry.  There are three levels that help dieters transition from their high carb and dairy diets to a more “balanced” approach. The diet even allows for transitional use of condiments in the beginners level. How much weight you lose depends on which level you choose and your level of commitment. There are cheat days built in, which may contribute to the overall success of sticking to this plan. But if you crave immediate results, skip to level 3 of the plan, which is more restrictive and most likely to help you lose weight.

One advantage to following this diet is that it encourages dieters to use superfoods that most of us wouldn’t eat under normal circumstances. There are dozens of cookbooks dedicated to this diet, with recipes that include blueberries, avocado, flax seeds, and broccoli. Now, I know what you’re thinking…how can that be a good thing?

It can be a good thing because your body should respond to the healthier foods you’re consuming and you should notice healthier skin and increased energy within a few weeks. Hopefully, you will notice you’ve dropped a few pounds in the process and then your sacrifices would have been worth it! I say sacrifice, but really, it isn’t all that difficult. You can even get paleo meal kits delivered to you, or any kind of healthy meal kit for that matter. Just look at this dinnerly everyplate comparison for example, which looks at two companies currently offering this service. Great if you’re always in a rush.

Pair this diet with a consistent workout routine and you should be on the road to looking and feeling better…not that you aren’t wonderful already! 

Have you tried the Paleo Diet already? Feel free to let us know if it worked or if it isn’t worth the hassle.

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