How to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

One of the worst things that can happen to a person working hard to lose weight is the scale suddenly hitting the dreaded weight loss plateau. Like most people, you don’t really beat yourself up about it at first and resolve to run a few extra minutes or eliminate your cheat meal for the week. You hop back on the scale a week later (or a day later if you’re like me) and there’s still no change. This continues for weeks and finally that little voice in your head that really loves bacon cheeseburgers convinces you that you might as well eat something delicious and skip the gym if you aren’t going to lose weight anyways. And so it begins…the skipped gym sessions and the lack of dedication to eating right. And voila…the scale magically works again, only now it’s going in the wrong direction!

Want to avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau? Try these 3 steps to keep on your weight loss journey!

1. Get out of your rut!

weight loss plateau

You may be proud of the progress you’ve made (rightfully so). After all, at the beginning of your weight loss efforts you probably couldn’t run for more than a minute, let alone 45 minutes. But the fact that you go to the gym several days a week and use the same workout routine is contributing to your plateau. Change up your routine. Maybe opt to workout outdoors running up and down stairs or opt to sprint instead of the nice coasting runs you like to do on the treadmill. Most importantly, switch up the intensity of your workouts. The human body is very smart and once it catches on to what you’re doing, you’ll need to figure out what’s next.

2. Eat more

weight loss plateau

This always sounds like music to people’s ears…especially when you’re on a diet. Research has shown that having cheat days and meals that you actually want to eat can have a lasting positive effect on your weight loss goals. I’m not saying that you should inhale a Cinnabon or eat a bunch of cookies, but adding an extra serving of mac and cheese during the week you’re struggling psychologically with the scale refusing to budge will trick your metabolism and help you plow past that plateau. 

3. Set a huge fitness goal

weight loss plateau

One of the easiest ways to blast through a plateau is to plan on doing something other than working out. Try training for a marathon or a swimming event. Both activities require a lot more training than you’re use to and will be a perfect way to encourage you to move past the stubborn number on the scale. Plus, imagine how good you feel when you show up ready to kick butt on game day!

Try these tips for beating the weight loss rut and let me know what you are doing to beat the battle of the bulge.

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