Organizing Ideas for Your Nursery

If you’re like me, you like everything to be in its proper place. Nothing disturbs me more than walking into a room and seeing clothes and such out of place. The same feeling struck me when I was trying to organize Jax’s clothes and baby supplies. While extremely cute, those onesies were driving me up the wall because we had gotten a bunch in different shapes and sizes. The first thing that came to mind as my hubby threw them in the drawer was that they look a mess without some sort of separation between them. Even though the worry of them looking like a mess on the inside was there, after purchasing them from a trusted furniture company I was confident about the way they looked in the bedroom! I also was annoyed that I wouldn’t know what size they were without looking. I know this sounds lazy, but it helped me organize Jax’s drawers in a way that I think is neat and orderly.

Here’s the final product:

organizing nursery

For the top of the dresser, I tried to put things up there that I would use on a regular basis. Not just for the baby, but for me as well. Since I will be breastfeeding, I need to be able to get my hands on some milk storage bags and lanolin cream without having to dig in drawers to find it.

organizing nursery

I decided to organize the inside of Jax’s dresser by having clothes on one side (three left drawers) and essential items like towels and sheets on the other (three right drawers). Each clothes drawer is organized by age group. So the clothes are organized from newborn clothes all the way to eighteen months within three drawers (the rest of his clothes are organized in the closet).

organizing nursery

I decided that I wanted to designate a whole drawer to keeping Jax’s room running smoothly. He’s got quite a lot of clothes already so the drawers are rapidly filling up! I’m thinking about getting some vacuum storage bags from somewhere like MasterSpace, but I haven’t ordered any yet. The second drawer had diapers, wipes, my breast pads, extra milk storage bags, bags for the diaper pail, and his feeding stuff. Since this is what I will use most, it made sense to me to make sure this drawer is always packed and ready to refill the main changing station. The rest of the drawers follow the same pattern, except I have made sure to put all manuals and warrenties in the bottom drawer by itself. It’s just easier to keep them all in one spot.

After setting up my drawers, I felt MUCH more confident that I would bring Jax home to a well organized room.

Have any suggestions or pictures of how your organized your baby’s nursery? Feel free to send me pics or share your tips for how you keep everything together!

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