Online Dating…Is It For You?

With the rise of social media, online dating has become increasingly popular. On dating sites, you can now select your perfect mate by their religion, sexual, and cultural preferences.  Yet, online dating is still considered taboo. Many women feel as if online dating is just a place to “hook up” and not really used for finding “the one.” In asking some friends about their thoughts on online dating, a lot of them noted that their “ideal” man would not use online dating as a way to find a mate. They also had doubts about the integrity of the individual on the other end.  With the popular show “Catfish” taking off, where you can see how some of these online relationships play out, it’s no wonder that some women are hesitant to try online dating.

On the flipside, I think it’s important for people to have options.  If millions of people are telling their success stories on TV commercials and in written reviews, then these dating tools must be working for some people. Therefore, I have done some research. I selected 5 dating websites that seemed to be the most popular based on their ratings. If you’re interested in getting out there in a virtual way, maybe one of these sites can help you. One of the largest and fastest growing dating sites in the world, guarantees that you will meet someone in 6 months. It features a super simple set up and utilizes a proven personality-based matching system.

eHarmony: Created to establish a long lasting relationship, it boasts that it is responsible for 120 weddings per day. They offer a free personality assessment and offers privacy protection. This site is for the relationship minded single.

Zoosk: Zoosk is integrated with major social networks, which allows for a fast growing membership base. The profile search and matching features are impressive, with daily match suggestions provided. It also offers a convenient mobile app.

Howaboutwe: For the single that wants to have quick and fun dating experiences. The howaboutwe site suggests dates options for members to browse in their area. Dates can also be searched by type, and location, which helps with more face to face encounters. Great for single parents who are looking for someone with kids. You can search by gender, age, location, occupation, and more. This site offers a simple safe and fun atmosphere for single parents to meet and date.

Let me know if you have had success with online dating!

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  • You’d think that in 2013, online dating would certainly not be taboo anymore, but it still can feel that way. I have several friends who have met their boyfriends and some now husbands on an online dating site. I have tried the online dating experience on several occasions, but usually had gotten off before getting any results. It’s always that awkward moment when someone you actually know pops up in your matches, then you freak out and deactivate your account! Whew! LOL. Ok maybe I was the only one who did that! And then there are the weirdos who you just wonder, is it me? I mean they do say like attracts like so why are all these weirdos hitting me up!?

    Anyway, a friend of mine is marrying a guy who she met online and she encouraged me to try it again. Back in April, I toyed with the idea and made a profile on My best friend encouraged me to stay on for at least a month and I agreed. I did meet a nice guy and we are still talking. I used to be embarrassed about telling people how I met him, but now it just rolls off my tongue as if I had said “oh I met him at the library”. I guess you can say I’m embracing this new way of meeting people. I just say stay safe, be careful, and be smart!

    • Ashley you’re not alone!! I remember posting a fb status some time ago about online dating and was surprised by the outpour of responses. While lines were split I think people are still shy about admitting that they went to an online site to find a mate but I don’t understand why. As you mentioned, many of your friends have met boyfriends and husbands this way. It’s honestly the way of the world to a degree. As we become more social media inclined, it’s just the nature of the beat. I honestly think it’s not bad at all because wouldn’t you rather have tried every route to find your match than say nope not doing that and possibly missing out on someone great?

      I think it’s great that you’re embracing it and you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Happiness is hard enough to attain already and I’m glad to know that you have a dose of it in your life! Hope all works out with the new guy! =)

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