One Year Later, A Birth Story – Tristan Levi

For starters my birthing story started on a Wednesday Went in for check up.

Wednesday – went in for my 37 week check up. My dr days have u had your cervix checked yet. I said nope so lets go ahead and do this. She gets prepped has her gloves on and notes *i wish there was a better way to do this but unfortunately not* and as she checking her facial expression changes and I’m like “what is it” she says “your 4cm dilated” to which i reply “no seriously i have stuff to do” to which she laughs and says “im serious your 4cm dilated so he will prob be here b4 next week” i was omg! Bc naturally i had a recirculating list of ish to get thru b4 he arrived so i was like OK #gotime

Thursday – So its dads bday and all i cared about  (besides the health of my child and myself ) was to make it thru the kevin hart show for my dad’s bday., we had bought the tickets in February and I would hate for them to go to waste because I went into labor before hand so I said a prayer that was selfish because I figured it was my last selfish moment before my little one was due lord please let me make it through this show without going into labor. Sure enough I went to the show and I made it and it was hilarious because the show was awesome and I was laughing the whole time but very uncomfortable so I had to stand for half of it because I just couldn’t be sitting in that position for so long fortunately when we got there we had our sheets changed seats changed to the handicap section so I wasn’t uncomfortable. That night at about 11:45 p.m. I lost my mucus plug I had just want to go to the bathroom before bed and noticed a little discharge with pinkish tinge on the tissue I looked in the toilet and I saw this thing that resembled not and I was like hmm I think that’s my mucus plug. I tell the hub and of course log on to Google to find out if I need to do anything further or from good to go but I didn’t know about the mucus plug before searching is that they were can come quickly after or a few days or a few weeks you just don’t know but better to do a little reading just to be sure I didn’t need to do anything further.

Friday – I went to work which to send me some crazy but when your doctor’s office is 10 minutes from your job and you’re surrounded by a hundred plus people that’s probably a better situation than sitting at home being by yourself and 40 minutes away in case something happens so I work a full day on Friday thinking to myself this might be my last day at work for a while so I wrapped up some stuff and actually cancelled plans with Ann for Saturday because she thought best to play it safe name so I had to go solo on my mani pedi.

Saturday – I had many plans on Saturday to make returns and exchanges start washing some things and getting ready for baby so that I would be a hundred percent ready to go but then I decided why not have a lazy day I can do it tomorrow no biggie so we all did a morning clean up of the house wash sheets watch some of our own clothes clean the bathrooms and vacuumed and dusted and after that we are kind of pooped everybody kind of passed out the good little nap and just veg out for the rest of the day and it was awesome and I’m really glad in hindsight that I do do that even though I didn’t get some things done that I had hoped to do that day.

Sunday – Sunday started off with the funny dream I woke up at around 3 a.m. until the hubs oh my gosh I think I’m in labor and then I promptly fell back asleep lol it’s funny looking back but I probably was and then get started but when I did wake up and roll over at around 7:15 a.m. I felt what seemed like a bubble water and in between my legs and I was like what is that I woke up the hub and I said oh my gosh I think my water just broke to which she replied are you sure you’re not peeing on yourself to which I replied I’m pretty positive this is not p. Leave it to a man to question if you know how your urinary tract works. Sure enough he got me to towel to the bathroom and my water has broke. Since I didn’t know that I had time on my side with my water breaking to take a shower get cleaned up brush my teeth wash my face I was actually really calm about the whole thing as was the hubs after that I called my doctor let her know what was happening she told me to take my time make sure I had something light to eat and to come on in when I was ready so I said okay the hubs that cleaned up got dressed fortunately already packing the car was loaded so we had a bowl of cereal little fruit and took our time.

We are finally all packed up and set out to the hospital. I tell Tony to stop of some donuts at dunking donuts because some of my coworkers had said if you take care of the nurses they take care of you. Needless to say I’m glad we did!! lol. I will admit knowing that my little dude was finally ready to make his way into this world had me excited I didn’t feel nervous or anything just really calm. We get to the hospital and go to register and I can’t remember my name for a second but I’m all checked in and they are like  “Are you feeling anything contractions etc” I was like nope! The nurse said ok lets get you some Pitocin. 
OMG Pitocin is the DEVIL!!! I was trying to keep it together lord I was but contractions feel like they are gonna rip you in two!! Needless to say I was like Epidural Stat! I didn’t look at the needle and didn’t feel a thing. Id have to ask Tony what it looked like bc I really didn’t try to see it. After that I think I dozed for a lil bit but then it felt like Tristan was gonna come through my rear end. According to the Dr. this is a GREAT thing bc that means things are going swimmingly. I of course thought the end was near. At one point I swear my Doctor came in and was like oh yea I’ll be back in 30mins and we will get the ball rolling. Well it felt more like 10mins and then it was like #leggo
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