One Night Only

Disclaimer: These are my random inklings….

Have you ever wondered why one night stands are frowned upon so heavily? Mainly by women. You don’t ever hear about a man feeling guilty the next day about the one night stand he had the night before. If anything he feels victorious because he didn’t have to put in much effort to get what he wanted. But as women when we have a one night stand we beat ourselves up. We sometimes feel dirty, ashamed, disappointed in ourselves that we would allow someone to touch a part of ourselves that is quite private and special that its not just for the taking.

Then there are those of us women who aren’t ashamed of their encounters. Like men women have a carnal desire to be wanted, feel alive and sexy and express themselves in such a manner. And why shouldn’t they?

What I’m really concerned with is the stigma around having a one night stand. Where did it come from and how did it develop. Today men and women are more sexually active and with multiple partners than they were 80 years ago. Research contributes it to available contraception and the ever-changing culture of the modern man and woman. No worries thought, I’m not going to go off on a feminist tangent, just my random inklings…

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