One Night Only: The Maldives

With one night only in the Maldives, you want to make the most of your evening. But, what do you do? What do you wear? How do you break the language and cultural barrier? With the Indian Ocean as your playground, your options are endless. And with perfect weather year round let this post serve as your guide as to why one night in the Maldives is one that you will be sure to remember.


For this trip we decided to choose a classic outfit that really would work well anywhere. Whether its dinner on the beach or an exclusive elegant place this outfit will impress no matter what. We started with a white dress because nothing makes you feel more relaxed and classy while on vacation than a sassy white ensemble. We opted to add a hint of color with our accessories and opted for a multilayered turquoise necklace that only enhances the look. For footwear, we opted for a simple gold sandal that will tie the look together and keep the effortless beach vibe going.


Date Night

For our date night activity, we decided upon a late night yacht-fishing cruise accompanied by dinner on board. A popular nighttime activity in the Maldives is night fishing cruises near Starry Beach. This beach is unique because the beach glistens at night due to microscopic organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton, or Lingulodinium polyedrum. At night these organism react to the break in water tension so with every wave they give off a light, which is what gives Starry Beach its name. Therefore, as people walk on the beach or surfers or boats travel near by a spectacular sight of bioluminescent trails are left behind.


The Culture

One of the best things about visiting another country is the opportunity to immerse one’s self in the culture and language. A place as beautiful as the Maldives is home to a variety of merging cultures, which shows its rich Islamic history in the form of beautiful mosques and building structures. While everyone loves looking at a beautifully crafted building, the main reason to visit the Maldives is its amazing views of the Indian Ocean. The views are breathtaking and its close proximity to the ocean offers locals and tourists amazingly fresh seafood options and selfie-worthy backdrops. The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, which is original to the region. Ordinarily, I would suggest utilizing the Smartling translation software or purchasing your very own copy of Rosetta Stone or visiting Duolingo to brush up on the language before your trip, since knowing common phrases like “I’m lost” “Can you help me”, can go a long way in helping you navigate unfamiliar surroundings. But since you would be hard-pressed to find this dialect spoken anywhere else in the world, no such language software exists at the moment. But never fear! The Maldives has become a huge tourist spot for Americans and so most of the locals know enough English to serve you food at a restaurant and sell you all sorts of vacation swag.


After spending the day eating the food and taking in the scenery, head to one of the marinas and catch a ride on a yacht! There are plenty of options for tourists to choose from, so grab your shawl and hit the open seas!! If you’re the type of girl who loves a little peace and quiet in the evening with your glass of red wine, then pick a boat that has a chill vibe and maybe a live jazz band playing in the background. If you’re the type who loves excitement and you have YOLO tattooed on your wrist, then opt for a boat with a little more action a la a below-deck party. Most yachts offer dinner menus, so this would be a perfect scene for a date night or an evening out with the girls (if you decided to make Maldives a girl’s trip).

Now that you know what to wear, date night choices, and how to blend into the Maldivian nightlife, you should be ready for the vacation of a lifetime! The best thing about being fashionable is mixing classic shapes with pops of color and making the look your own. When you look good, you feel good and that’s the most important part of any vacation. It’s about making memories, looking fab, and experiencing life through the eyes of others. Make your next destination the Maldives and don’t forget to pack that flawless white dress and turquoise necklace!

Image:My Maldives, Bored Panda

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