One Helluva Ride: A Birth Story at 80 mph

I had a baby in a car going about 80 mph. Because of that little fact, I thought it might be interesting to hear what happened from my husband’s perspective. When you hear about someone’s labor/delivery experience it’s generally from the mother’s perspective but my husband was there too, so this will be his first guest post as he describes our daughter’s birth story. Enjoy the extra pictures and make sure you leave any questions or comments below!


Jane had been on light-bed rest since Memorial Day weekend. She was already about 4 cm dilated and the baby wasn’t due for another month. At that point, the baby could be delivered early and she was already a little on the small side, but the doctors decided that if the baby didn’t come early, they would schedule Jane to be induced on Monday, June 19th. Friday, June 16th comes, it’s my off day and Tristan is home because his daycare is closed due to teacher work day. I make breakfast and plan to take Tristan to the park later so that Jane could chill. We’re all in the kitchen and Jane is playing with Tristan and then out of the blue says, “I think my water just broke.”

She takes a quick 2 min shower and I’m like “Cool I’ll take a quick shower too” and she gives me a look like “Naaah bruh, no time.” I was running around making sure we got everything and we’re out of the house about 20 mins after her water broke. She starts having contractions as soon as we are out of the neighborhood and I ask her multiple times if she wants to go to our local hospital and she says no, so I keep driving to our hospital which is about 45 minutes away.

It’s a Friday so traffic wasn’t bad and we went into HOV. Jane calls her doctor’s office and tells them we’re on our way and asks how much time should there be between contractions before the baby is expected to come. The doctor tells her if she’s having contractions once every five minutes and if it lasts for a minute then we need to pull over and call 911. Her contractions are coming every 90 seconds but only lasting for about 20-30 seconds. The doctor tells us she should be ok since Jane is able to have a conversation she’s probably not in active labor because she would probably be in too much pain to speak.

Then the doctor asks if Jane feels a sensation to push and she tells the Doctor no she doesn’t have an urge to push, so the doctor tells her to keep on coming to the hospital. Literally like 15 seconds later Jane says “Hold On” and she lets out a scream then says, “Oh my god her head is out.” According to Jane I completely bend over to look but I thought I just turned my head really quick because I’m going 80 mph. I dial 911 and start to take the next exit and Jane screams out again and pushes her body up from the seat and the next thing I see she’s pulling the baby out.

The baby starts crying out almost immediately which was a huge sense of relief. I shut off the AC immediately and I’m trying to explain to 911 where we’re at while taking the exit but they’re acting like they don’t have a clue. The doctor was still on the phone and tells Jane to find a shirt or towel to wrap the baby in and for Jane to hold her against her skin to keep her warm and to turn on the heat in the car.

Jane tells the doctor that we just took the highway exit and are on the phone with 911 and the doctor tells her if you and baby are ok to keep heading to hospital. I tell 911 I’ll call back if I need to, and get back on the highway and at that point, we’re still almost 30 mins out. The doctor tells Jane if she starts feeling pressure again it’s the placenta and to make sure to push it out slowly and to call back.

The car ride was both peaceful and surreal. Somehow neither of us were stressing and I was just focused on getting us there as quickly and safely as possible. The whole time Tristan is in the back watching his show and chilling like it’s a casual morning drive. Thankfully he is still rear facing so he couldn’t see anything. Jane had been getting on me recently to change him to front facing so she would have more room and I had told her the day before I would switch it that Friday. We are about 10 minutes from the hospital and Jane says I’m starting to feel some pressure and she starts screaming out again and calls the doctor office. They tried to hit her with the instant “Thank you for calling, please hold” and Jane yelled “I just had my baby in the car don’t put me on hold, get the doctor” the lady says starts laughing and gets the doctor.

It was funny because Jane said all those words as quickly as saying “ok” so that they heard it before pressing the hold button. The doctor gets talks her through pushing the placenta out and it sounded like she was having another baby, and she said that’s how it felt. It wasn’t my first time seeing the placenta but it had been a while and it freaked me out because it literally looks like an organ. So it’s just sitting on the seat chilling, and I’m trying not to stare at it but you can’t help it.

I only had to go through one red light and we’re sitting at the red light for about 10 seconds and it hits me, “… oh yeah, my wife has a newborn baby in her hands, I might want to go through it” that’s how chill it was in the car. We roll up to the ER and thankfully Jane’s Mom was right behind us so I run inside and they were ready for us and bring out a wheel chair. Then they were like “hmm, what are we going do with the placenta?” so one of them runs back in and gets a container to put it in and all I could think was “…even the placenta gets an escort.” I get Tristan out of the car and pass him to his Nana and then put his car seat in her car.

I went to the passenger seat to start cleaning it up and it looked like a war zone. The hospital staff gave me a bunch of towels to start cleaning it up and then a nurse comes out and says “You’re the husband right? Go be with your wife and child, we’ll take care of this” and she was the 2nd highlight of my day. I get to the room and see that they are running a bunch of vitals on the baby and they note her temperature and blood sugar are a little low.

The NICU doctor is talking to another doctor about getting some formula to get her blood sugar up. So Jane hears this and is like “Excuse me, you’re going to check with me first before you go and give my child anything, right?” I’m standing in the corner trying my hardest not to laugh. The NICU doctor says “Yes ma’am, of course, we’re going to discuss things with you first, but it’s either give her a little formula or admit her to the NICU and give her an IV and keep her for monitoring” and I’m like man I hope this doesn’t go left. Jane then gave the ok for formula reluctantly. I told myself “Thank you, lord“.

I got my car detailed the next day and they performed a miracle getting it cleaned. You would never know a baby had just been delivered in it the day before. After all that, when I think about a “Push Gift“, I’m low-key nervous because nothing is off the table at this point. 

Introducing Teigan Meiomi Whitehead. Born June 16, 2017 – 6lbs 13oz. – 20inches long.

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  • That is the wildest baby story ever. I’m glad things worked out seamlessly. It was the perfect storm with a beautiful rainbow at the end. #DistrictMotherHued

    • It was very wild and I don’t plan on repeating it! I have my two babies and I’m good to go. I’m afraid If I did have another child I might sneeze and the baby would come out with my luck. And thank you so much for reposting my story!! We must link up in future. =)

    • I felt the same way Tenneal! I couldn’t believe it was happening in the moment either! But we both made it safe and sound and for that I am thankful. Thank you for the congrats! =)

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