One Couple, One TV: How I Became a TV Hog

About a year ago, my husband (the thriftiest man alive) suggested that we only have one cable box despite having multiple TVs in the house. His argument was that we can only sit in one room at a time and since we’re grown-ups, we can share the TV by watching each other’s favorite shows. It’s true that we’ve probably saved about $480 over the last 12 months by not renting those cable boxes that we almost never used, but the whole reason we had multiple boxes was for convenience and most importantly…to keep the peace. A house with less bickering is worth $480, right?

The results of this little experiment is probably not what my husband expected: he watches WAYYYY less of his favorite shows and games because I’m simply not willing to watch hours of sports, watch hours of men talking about sports, watch sports documentaries, or watching hours of recaps about sports. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I will plop down on the couch and catch a Nats’ game (I love me some Anthony Rendon) but I will not spend countless hours watching every single televised sporting event known to man. This has resulted in my husband watching hours of HGTV, the ID channel, soap operas, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and other shows he often hollers about contributing to the destruction of his brain cells.

With the exception of Sunday nights where we both fall into a trance watching the latest Game of Thrones, we pretty much have a daily conversation about why he can’t watch what he wants to watch, while I turn on practically every “chick show” on TV. My reasoning is always the same…the person who gets to the remote first, picks the show. Obviously, I’m never last to remote and given what’s at stake…I never will be! Thus, a TV hog is created.

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