Building a Nursery for Baby Jackson

Coming up with nursery ideas for your first child’s room is almost as difficult as picking out their name! I spent weeks trying to figure out what would be the right amount of nursery furniture to fill the room with. I spent even more time trying to find the perfect curtains and shades of blue to no avail. I mean, how hard can it be really? You’d think that this would be the easiest part out of the whole decoration process, but wow! It’s turned into one of the hardest parts. Although, I had seen some beautiful drapery in the color and design that I wanted so I guess this is always an option if I can’t find the exact thing that I’m looking for. It’s just a shame really because I have a special vision for this room and it’s not being brought to life in the way that I want it to. But there is just so much to do that I can’t dwell on it for too long as we’d never get anything done otherwise.

Despite all of this, I’m super proud of how my son’s room turned out – although I’m still on the fence about whether it’s actually finished or not. I am partial to area rugs for many different reasons. I’ll spare you the boring details as to why, but anyone who’s seen the inside of my home will be able to vouch for this. So I’m considering getting a rug to tie the room together. My friend recently purchased a gorgeous bayliss rug which I love, but I’m scared that if I bought one, Jackson would spill something on it when he’s older. I’m not in a rush to make a decision though. I just think that this room needs a rug for the finishing touch!

First things, first! Jackson’s room use to be an office, so it started from humble beginnings:

nursery ideas
nursery ideas
I was the brains behind the operation, but Daddy was the muscle!
nursery ideas
Jackson’s pet sister wanted some attention!

Then came the paint color. I know this seems a little backwards (crib before painting), but it took me weeks to find the right shade of blue for the accent wall! I finally decided on this very deep navy blue shade. Although it’s dark, it also is very soothing…something Jackson will hopefully appreciate!

nursery ideas
I love this color! It is so soothing and will hopefully encourage Jackson to sleep a little longer at night!

I got this idea of putting baby Jackson’s name on the wall from HGTV photos and Pinterest. Yes, I know Jackson won’t be able to read, but who cares?! It’s super cute and helped us really stick to a baby name because these letters weren’t cheap. Once the name was up…that was it!

nursery ideas
We waited weeks to share Jackson’s name just to make sure we wouldn’t change our minds…again.
nursery ideas
Voila! It was finally starting to look like something.

Then came the fun part! The dresser, changing table, and pictures. I ended up getting a chair too which I initially forgot all about before realizing that it was one of the most important pieces of all as it would be where I would feed Jackson every day. At first, I was thinking of style only and really wanted a sedie trasparenti (transparent chair to you and me), I just think they look fantastic, but I soon realized that a rocking chair might be more practical as it would help to send him to sleep. I didn’t want to be one of those parents that spent an arm and a leg on their child’s nursery. I started out with the best of intentions. I searched bargain brands, Target, WalMart, Babies R Us, and Amazon. My original plan was to spend no more than $1k on baby Jackson’s furniture (including the crib). I failed…miserably! I became one of “those” parents who started thinking their child needed environmentally-sustainable furniture and started looking more at design than price tags. I did learn that you don’t need much for the room, however! This revelation came as the bill increased!

nursery ideas
Daddy smiling for the camera!
nursery ideas
My Oeuf dresser and changing station!
nursery ideas
Someone is gonna have a hard time welcoming her little brother to the family…
nursery ideas
I was on the fence about these, but they turned out great!
nursery ideas
Voila! Sorry the picture is dark…

I spent the most time trying to find horizontal-striped curtains. And of course because I was looking for them, they were no where to be found. I really tried to find items that made the room stand out and thought the best way to do this was to have some sort of design on the curtains. Although I was convinced it was too girly at first, I opted for the polka dot curtains and got a really good deal on these…I’m actually pretty happy with how they turned out.

nursery ideas
Not gonna lie…the polka dots had to grow on me
nursery ideas
This is how it looks with some of the other spaces in the room

And so we finally ended up with this…

nursery idea
I still have to iron the curtains…
nursery ideas
We’ve added a few things since this pic was taken, but I’m still pondering whether I need a rug!

Ok, now I’m considering a little a little applique to put on the wall to drape over Jackson’s name…I guess a mother’s (and daddy’s) work is never done!

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