5 New Mom Must Haves

It’s been just over a week since Jax has joined the family and I can say it’s truly been amazing…a little exhausting, but amazing! Now that I’ve settled in, I want to pass along some items that I’ve come to learn that I cannot live without. I’ve given links for where you can find them, but if these give ideas for other items then you could look on evolved mommy for them (a friend bought a baby monitor from here and it worked great for them). I haven’t included any products that help with weight loss, even though plenty of new moms would appreciate them, as I don’t want to put any pressure on them to feel that they have to lose weight. However, if their post-pregnancy figure is causing them distress you could always recommend to them that they try the ultimate mommy makeover procedure to help them to get back in shape. They might not have as much time to spend in the gym now that they are parents, and this is a quick and convenient option. Now, on to the 5 new mom must haves if you’re going to survive and thrive in this very special time:

1. SwaddleMe Infant Blankets

new mom must haves

Now it’s a lovely idea and all to learn how to swaddle the old-fashioned way with a regular blanket. But when it’s 2 am in the morning and you’ve just finished feeding your little one, the last thing you want to do is try to get the hang of swaddling. YOU WILL get pissed off when your very own baby Houdini somehow gets out of his or her blanket for the fifth time, so do yourself a favor and buy this must-have or put it on your registry. You’ll thank me later…trust me.

2. Pump Bra

new mom must have

This is going to be a life-saver and you should really have this on hand from day one. Your milk most likely won’t come in for a few days after delivery, but when it does, it can be a nightmare! Your baby will still be eating what feels like a teaspoon a day and your boobs will feel like you could fill up a gallon container! You will need to pump and could make better use of your time by making it a hands-free activity.

Ann’s Tidbit: Buy or request (via registry) two different size bras. My boobs went from an extra-large when filled with milk to a medium when not filled. These bras work best when they fit properly, so if your bra is not the right size, the bar will not hold your breast shields in place.

3. Different Size Breast Shields

new mom must haves

Your shield size will most likely change as your boobs fill up up with milk. I went from a normal standard size breast shield to needing a shield two sizes larger in a matter of days. You’ll probably fluctuate between the two, so just be sure to have it on hand.

Ann’s Tidbit – Invest in some freezer bags or extra bottles to store breastmilk when your boobies runeth over. You’re going to have WAY too much milk for the two little bottles that come with your breast pump.

4. Breastfeeding Pillow

new mom must haves

Some women can sit their babies on a regular pillow and start feeding. For me, it was hard because my back was still sore from my epidural. I needed a pillow with a lot of support and I was really grateful for the support my Boppy gave me. I have the Boppy Two-Sided Nursing Pillow, but there are other alternatives out there…test them out, but definitely get something just in case.

Ann’s Tidbit – Lanolin cream is gonna be your best friend if you’re breastfeeding, so stock up on this item too.A baby carrier.

5. A Baby Carrier

new mom must haves

When Jax started staying awake a little longer during the day, my Baby Bjorn carrier became my best friend. Being a new mom, we tend to feel tied to the house and immobile at first because it’s hard carrying around a stroller, diaper bag and whatever else your little one needs. My baby carrier allowed me to cook and hit the grocery store without having to worry about a screaming baby that just wants to spend some quality time with their Mama. Wanting to shop around to try and find the best baby carrier for you and your child? You could have a look at this baby carrier guide by bestformums.co.uk for reviews and tips.

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