Mud Factor Recap

 While we like to consider ourselves a lot more physically fit than in previous years, the mud run taught us few things about ourselves….

 ANN’S Lesson’s Learned

  • I might have asthma! – I prefer cardio to weight lifting any day, but running in the elements outside and hopping over tree stumps really had me huffing and puffing. I will be visiting my physician sometime next week to make sure I don’t need an inhaler.
  • ANN doesn’t do hills! – This was an even bigger surprise. Like I’ve said above, I prefer cardio workouts to weight lifting and I currently am able to run a 5k on flat surfaces (indoors or outdoors). Yet, running up a hill felt like torture! I will be adding some hills to my cardio routine to make sure I’m not cheating myself out of building real cardiovascular strength.
  • Don’t assume the first wall you climb will be at the finish line – For some reason, one of the walls Jane and I climbed made me feel like I was done! I was so wrong and pissed! I think I was so over the whole running in the elements thing that I didn’t look to see that the ending was nowhere in sight!
  • Payless shoes are a good option – For me, my $20 Payless shoes managed to hold up through the 5k run and cleaned up pretty well afterwards. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re going to be as nice as your Asics or Nikes, but they will get the job done.
  • Never do a mud run without your shower cap! – It goes without saying that a black woman’s hair IS her temple…or even her worst nightmare when wet and dirty. So, no matter how foolish you look, wrap up ya weave to preserve ya sanity!

JANE’S Lesson’s Learned

  • I have the most supportive husband ever! – Participating in the Mud Factor Run was his idea and while I was skeptical at first I am very glad that we did it together. He did a great job of coaching ANN and I along when we had our moments of feeling defeated and I am so thankful to have had him there pushing us along!
  • Buying cheap shoes for the mud run had positives and negatives – On a positive note they were $20 from payless. On the negative side they were NOT fit for running through the woods. I felt like I had ran in stilettos after we had finished the race and my feet were killing me! Which brings me to my next point.
  • Don’t believe the hype!The video on the website for the Mud Factor 5k was VERY misleading. The video showed about 12+ obstacles and we literally only had 4. I spent more time jumping over stumps and pieces of stray wood trying not to twist my ankle. Then we had a one too many hills to climb up and down which were equivalent to trying to climb straight up a brick wall!
  • I had more stamina than I thought- I work out 4times a week and actually do not do that much cardio in the sense of running. I cannot say that I even trained for this 5k Mud Run because I didn’t. However, for the 4 obstacles that they did have for us I was rather impressed with the strength I had to climb up and over some of them. I felt like a GI Joe or something!
  • I have a newfound appreciation for adventurous activities! – After participating in this 5k it has made me want to seek out some other activities of which I might not have otherwise participated. So far I have come across a Zombie Run and might be White Water Rafting here shortly!

Check out our pics of us in action below!








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  • ANN+JANE: Thank you for sharing your mud factor run experience with us. It looked like you both had a lot of fun. I did not realize there are that many obsticles in a mud run. Your story and pictures have inspired me to try a mud factor run one day. Thanks for sharing Ann & Jane or shall I call you GI ANN & GI JANE. Sorry couldn’t resist.

    • That’s great news, Kim! It was a really fun experience, just make sure to pace yourself throughout the race and let us know how it turned out. -ANN

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