Ladies, Mommy-Shaming Makes You Look Stupid

This may come as a surprise to you, but women can be catty bitches. 

Never does a woman’s bitchassness rear its ugly head more than when she’s passing judgement on how you raise your kids. Whether you’re an awful mom because the straps on your kid’s car seat isn’t quite right (or its facing the wrong direction in Kim K’s case, see below) to you risking their lives because you made grilled cheese three nights in a row…there’s literally no end to the constant negative comments about the way we raise our kids.

mommy shaming

No One Can Escape Mommy-Shaming

Case in point, Ciara and her family went tobogganing (i.e., sliding) down the Great Wall of China. Would I have my infant strapped to me while sliding down anything? No, but not because Ciara’s decision is wrong. As long as she felt her kids were safe, who are we to tell her that she’s a bad mom for having fun with her kids? And yet the mommy-shaming was immediate…check out just two of the comments left on Ciara’s Twitter and Instagram accounts:

“Has your attention-seeking narcissism as a couple affected your parenting decisions too? This is ridiculous. She’s 3 months old,” one person noted. 

“Isn’t this too dangerous for a newborn?” another asked. “It may be fun but doing this with an infant to your chest is not smart at all.”

Just last week, Pink was shamed for having her baby in a carrier while she cooked. If your husband gets off work later than most…or, if you have multiple children this scenario is very familiar. Sure, Pink’s not like “the rest of us” in the sense that she can afford a cook and nannies, but she apparently wants to spend time with her kids cooking! But of course the Mommy Police was out in full force telling Pink how unfit she was because her son could get burned while she’s cooking.

mommy shaming

How Mommy-Shaming Makes Women Look Stupid

Look women have it hard enough these days. We are constantly judged by men on how we look, what we say, and what we don’t say. And yet here we are tearing each other down over the very thing that should bond us together: motherhood. We should be able to support each other and offer advice that’s not based in a need to feel superior, but in a need for all of us to survive raising a family while maintaining our sanity. Constantly passing judgement on people doing their best to raise their kids makes you look small and stupid. 

So the next time you see someone skydiving with their kid strapped in a Baby Bjorn remember the old saying…If you don’t have anything nice to say –don’t say anything at all? Actually, I would amend that to, if you don’t have anything nice to say… Please.shut.the.hell.up.

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