Maternity Photos

Since I am a first time mom and I wanted to try and capture as many moments as possible, I opted to take some Maternity Photos. I will admit that the closer my photography date came I just wanted to get it over with, and this was mainly due to being so tired all the time. I started to lose the will to look for maternity photo ideas and outfits until I found what I needed and then everything came together quite nicely. I did some extensive Pinterest and Instagram research and was able to find styles and looks that I thought would complement me and the looks I was going for. I also looked for different poses and positions as I know I wanted solo shots and shots with the hubs.

When speaking with my awesome photographer, Damion Miller of D Miller Photography, we went over my ideas to make sure they sounded doable and within his line of work. After that all I had to do was show up (with hair and makeup done of course) and “strike a pose”, which I must admit is easier said than done. I say that because at almost 8 months pregnant I got tired and hot very quickly. Trying to hold poses and position yourself correctly with such directions as, “…chin down, head up, look to the side, move your leg a smidge to the right, relax your shoulders”, it’s actually quite a bit of work! lol But I must say they were quite necessary because my photos came out great so I’m ultimately quite appreciative of the direction! Before you see my photos I’m going to offer a few tips.

Maternity Photo Tips

  • Talk to your photographer before the shoot
  • Have ideas on hand of what poses and positioning you would like
  • If you don’t like a photo or feel comfortable, say so, it will show on your face
  • Bring food/water as you will need a little pick me up depending on how long things go
  • Bring a friend to help fix your hair or get your outfit together
  • Find outfits that compliment you and your comfortable in
  • Take your pics around your 2nd trimester when you still have the energy. I waited because I didn’t think my bump was big enough for photos so gauge if your bump is ready for its close up.




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Let me know your thoughts! =)

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