Making Time to Hang

Did you recently get married and all of sudden find yourself going nowhere fast? Does your husband believe that you’ve tied the knot and now he doesn’t have to take you out to dinner or spring for movie tickets? Well, rest assured you’re not alone. It’s easy to make excuses for not taking the time to nurture your relationship: work, chores, children, extreme fatigue…but the only way you crazy kids will stay together is to spend time together! Crazy concept, right?

Never being one to leave you hanging…try any one of these five activities to keep the fire burning and the resentment to a minimum. You did promise to love him til death do you part.

Movie Night!

This many seem like too basic of an idea, but going to a movie is the easiest way to recharge your relationship batteries. Going to see the latest flick allows you to share common interests and give you and your man a lot to talk about long after the movie is over. Then making the night complete with dinner and some cocktails is like putting a cherry on top of a delicious cupcake.

Stay In, Stay Together

Play a board game. My personal favorite game to play with my husband is Life because no matter how many times I choose the route to go to college, I find myself with the lowest paying job, a mobile home, and like fifty kids in my car. Being that my life growing up was nothing close my board game life, my husband gets a good kick out of me having to retire to Shady Pines with no Life tiles and a slew of debt…supportive isn’t he?

Take in a _________________ Concert/Sporting Event (fill in the blank)

Take the opportunity to go see your favorite artist with your hubby. You may not have the same taste in music, but he may not mind seeing Beyoncé shake her tail for two hours. If nothing else, he will at least recognize the phrase you used before you two got married (“If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it”)! The same idea goes for sporting events. Unless your hubby is a Lions fan and you’re a Redskins fan in which case going to see either team would be fruitless.

Go Bowling

When’s the last time you went bowling? Grab your hubby, dust off your bowling ball and hit your local bowling alley! This is a great activity for couples that enjoy a little healthy competition. Neither of you are going to bowl a 300, but as long as you beat him…that’s all that matters!

B&B it Up!

Hit a nearby bed and breakfast and stay for the weekend. You don’t have to go far to have a good time, what’s important is that you both are out of your normal environment and can focus on each other. Plan on spending the time out exploring the shops around the B&B and maybe even tour a winery if one is nearby.

Use these tips and you’ll be on your way to many years of happiness with your honey!

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