Marriage: A Division of Labor

Being newly married is an adjustment. If you’ve never lived with your spouse before tying the knot, then it could be a rude awakening to learn that he leaves his socks all over the place or that he’ll leave the dishes in the sink for an entire week before washing them! It’s easy to divide up the household duties to reflect traditional gender roles, but that could very well be a mistake.

The wife might find herself washing dishes, cooking, cleaning; paying bills, which can be quite the uphill battle if you work 40 hours a week and have kids. The hubby might find himself taking out the occasional bag of trash (something you had to remind him to do) and fix something around the house on occasion, but keep in mind he will never fix it exactly when you want him to.

If you want to avoid the fate of becoming resentful…try these tips for dividing the household chores so no one has to die:

Split the Chores Down the Middle

Don’t think of the dishes as something that only a woman can do! If you do the cooking, then your hubby should do the dishes (and vice versa) and he should do them preferably before bed (no one likes a dirty sink).

Speak Up

If someone is not carrying their weight around the house…say something! Many arguments in a marriage are often avoidable, but can become a big deal if you don’t speak your mind. Just let your hubby know that they are slacking and it’s making it tough on you…hopefully they won’t give you a hard time.

Show Some Love

Is everything running like clockwork because everyone is doing their part? Great! Be sure to acknowledge that and make sure to let your hubby know that you appreciate the fact that he is helping and making this partnership work.

Try these tips and make sure to let me know how it’s working for you.

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