Mancation…Yay or Nay?

Do you know what a mancation is? Let alone know if your man has ever taken one?


Seems pretty simple, huh? I mean, if women are allowed to take girlfriend only trips, why can’t men? If anything, I think it’s necessary to be quite honest. I say this because both my husband and I have taken trips without each other and come back from the trips more renewed and in love with each other than when we left. I attribute this to being able to miss each other and yet enjoy ourselves without being together. While vacationing together is GREAT, you will always need that all female or all male time. Sometimes you need to regroup or reset things, switch it up, or sometimes you just need some girl time. It does not mean that you and your signif love each other any less. It just means that you appreciate your time together AND apart.

If you’re not ok with it, have you asked yourself why? I know some women who do not like the idea of their man hanging out with all their boys without supervision, but I don’t understand that. If he is coming back to you at the end of the day, what does it matter? And if lines of communication are open, then trust shouldn’t be an issue either. But, I think that not allowing him to go causes more harm than good. And vice versa for women. After all, there is a natural urge for men and women to gather with the same sex for enrichment purposes. There are things you can discuss with your girls or boys that you may not want to with your man just because you do not get the same type of feedback.

So, for those of you opposed, think about the positive outcomes of a mancation. For those of you who support a mancation, enjoy your time alone!

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