LIFE: Pencil Yourself In!

Most of us spend entirely too much time on the mundane things in life: paying bills, doing chores, and other day-to-day activities. In fact, we spend so much time doing mundane tasks that we forget to make time to relax or spend time doing something that improves the enjoyment of our own lives. How many times did you wish you could just sit down and read the next 50 Shades of Grey book or even hit the gym?

Try these 3 tips to make more time for doing the things that YOU enjoy:

Block off time for yourself


Without considering what else you have to do in your day, take an hour of time for yourself. Once you decide on the time (which can change daily), mark your calendar to ensure that you know that you are not available for anything else during this time. It’s also good to put on it on any shared calendars like a household or work one. It will be tough at first to begin putting yourself first but remember we all had to start somewhere.

Streamline the Mundane


Save time by eliminating unnecessary items or tasks from your to-do list. For example, do you find yourself spending more time dealing with the pile of junk mail sitting on your desk than on mail you actually need to read? Throw it away the moment you get it! That way when you are ready to deal with the weekly mail, you will have about 50% less things to sort through.

This method can be used on everything from paying bills (Automatic Bill Payer) to cleaning the house (straightening up as you make a mess will reduce the need for heavy duty cleaning).

Pass the Buck

You don’t have to be a one-woman show! If you have a spouse capable of handling some of the day-to-day stuff…then let them do it! The first rule of living The Tranquil Life is knowing when to ask for help, so let someone else make the doctor’s appointments and cook dinner. You just sit back and catch up on your reading or sweat it out at the gym!

Need help with managing your time/to-do lists? There IS an app for that!


This app can be used on all major devices (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) and is great for those looking to really streamline their to-do list. You can use it offline, track your productivity, and manage your projects. Best of all…it’s FREE!



MyLifeOrganized is one of my favorite to-do list organizers because it offers your daily tasks into a manageable tree that shows a category (Home & Garden) and your actual task for the day (Buy flowers for centerpieces). Got a meeting across time? MyLifeOrganized can pinpoint the location on a map for you and store it within your appointment entry. Awesome, right? Like most apps, it can be used with iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries). There is a free version and it is perfect for anyone getting started managing their time.


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