Life After “I Do”

For the newlyweds and not so newlyweds…

So, all the planning is done and the guests have gone home. The thank you notes have been sent out and now the honeymoon is over. So…what’s next?

I have NO IDEA! With no wedding to plan anymore, I ask myself, “What am I supposed to do now?” I just spent a year putting my energy and paychecks towards this ONE VERY SPECIAL DAY that ultimately turned out to be pretty dang awesome! But now I’m trying to figure out what happens after the wedding is over!!!!

My thoughts…MARRIAGE! Right? I have no idea but I intend to use this platform to write about my musings on what this “OURS, US, & WE” life is all about. Since my wedding planning days are over, I look forward to planning and living our lives together. With every new journey and experience, there is a lesson to be learned and I am just hoping to absorb as much as I can as we approach forever.

There is no way I would be able to give you a “My Marriage in Review: 1 Year Later” because it would probably be 1000+ posts.  What I can say is that I am opening the door, or cracking it a bit, on my marriage. Therefore, you can expect a raw, unedited (with the exception of grammar) version of what my life has been like thus far. You should also remember that marriage is truly an intimate and personal journey; therefore, I will share with the utmost care, as I would like to stay married! So, take this as my declaration that I will be as honest and open with you about what I’m experiencing as I walk down wedded bliss lane. And, if you have any questions or comments and tips, I welcome them with open arms. I want this to be a shared experience in which we learn from each other. Till next time….

P.S.  – The featured image is me and my hubby on our wedding day =)

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  • Thanks A.H.White! We are definitely enjoying the ride as we go. I figure “what’s the rush”. I am more than looking forward to “forever” with my hubs and I see no point in trying to be greedy about things and have everything at once. I am pacing myself and enjoying the ride!

  • Great pic, great day, beautiful wedding!

    I too share the “What’s next?” dilemma and it’s often followed by comments and questions from family and friends on “When is the baby coming?”
    I personally don’t know when I will have children, they will be here eventually until then I will continue to pursue a better career, buy a home, travel, then children, God willing.

    My tip is to just enjoy the now and hope that the later will be just as good. Things aren’t always great in marriage, newlywed or not, but learn from all of it to make things better. 🙂

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