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If you’re a wine lover, you surely know your stuff. Perhaps you’ve researched it well, becoming familiar with McBride Sisters Wine Collection for an example, and especially, tasted a vast amount of reds whites and roses. But never mind liking the tastes and knowing a few names, if you’re going to be a wine aficionado you must have or at least know the tools you need. Right? Well, while this list could easily be 50 items or more I selected the 8 most common wine ware items that I think every lady should know and have in her possession should she decide to serve wine at a soiree she is hosting. With that being said, check out these 8 wine ware basics.

Red Wine Glass – There is a huge variety of different red wines glasses available from all over. What you need to know is that red wine glasses are larger at the bowl to allow red wine to breathe and let air in as the aromas and flavors emerge.


White Wine Glass – If you’re a white wine fanatic, then you must have the proper white wine glass. Generally speaking, white wine glasses are narrower than their red to prevent as much air circulating around the glass and warming the wine, keeping your wine chilled till the moment it reaches your lips.


Aerator/ Wine Funnel – Pouring wine through a wine funnel or wine aerator allows the wine to breathe and oxidize. This process releases the wine’s aromas to the air & brings out the true flavor& characteristics of a wine.




Corkscrew – Opening a bottle of wine and hearing ‘that’ noise is wonderful sound, that’s why the need for a corkscrew is still a time honored necessity, even with the increased use of screw caps.


Decanter – Decanting wine before serving is a great way of exposing wine to as much air as possible to improve the flavor.


Foil Cutters – To remove the foil cap on the top of a wine bottle, you would use foil cutters which will neatly cut away the foil so it’s ready to be uncorked!


Wine Rack – Tired of storing your fine wine in the garage? Well look no further! Wine racks come in various styles and can be actual wall racks or fridges that control the temperature of wine to prolong its shelf life.


Wine Cabinet – Every wine enthusiast dreams having their own wine cellar, however, a great alternative is a wine fridge! Wine cabinets can help bring optimal wine storage conditions into any home with minimum fuss.


 Source/Images: Wineware.Co.Uk , Amazon

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