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Ladies, I had to do a post on what I like to call “foosball” because it is a sport in which I do not fully comprehend. As far as I’m concerned it’s a bunch of men fighting over this little piece of land which apparently is entertaining and has men and women alike repping their teams and favorite players etc. and just happens to also be a multi-billion dollar industry. So in the art of trying to get more into the sport and be able to watch a game or two with my Hubs on Sunday and Monday nights I figured I’d do a little research to help not only myself out, but the rest of you ladies who are trying to figure out what all the fuss is about!

How It Works

Football is a 60 minute game (played over 3-4 hours thanks to commercials, time outs, penalties and game footage review) that is played by elven players. Their mission is to get the football to the other team’s endzone. The football may be thrown, passed, or ran down the field. They have four attempts to go 10 yards and every attempt is called a down and then that attempt or play is over. See pic below for more clarity.



Offensive Players

Position Description
Center The player that hikes or snaps the ball to the quarter back at the start of each play.
Full Back These players run and block for their fellow team mates and take a pounding while doing it. They allow the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver more time to get the ball down the field.
Kicker The player who after a touch down is scored is able to earn the team one more point by kicking the football through a field goal.
Quarterback The team leader who gets the offensive moving. His job is to get the ball as far down the field as possible. This can be done by throwing the ball or passing it to a player to run it down the field.
Running Back Running back is the player who runs the ball for the quarter back as far as possible before getting tackled.
Tight End These players are multifaceted players who block, catch passes, and provide quarter back protections.
Wide Receiver The player who catches passes from the quarter back. They need to be able to catch and run fast!


Defensive Players

Position Description
Cornerback The player who lines up typically covers the wide receiver and is located on the outside of the formation.
Defensive End The player whose job it is to contain the running back and rush the quarter back when play starts.
Linebacker The payer who lines up behind defensive linemen. They are the second line of defense to keep the opposing team from getting through to their endzone.
Nose Tackle The player who lines up directly across from the center and is supposed to stop the run of the offensive linemen to keep them from blocking the linebackers.
Safety The player who lines up between the cornerbacks and who’s primary job is to help the cornerback cover the wide receiver.


Basic Terms to Know

 Term  Definition
A play where the defensive team players rush toward the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is snapped to try and sack the quarterback.
Down Every time they make an attempt to get the ball to the other end it’s called a “Down”. They get up to 4 downs and then it’s the other teams turn.
Endzone The area in which a touch down is scored.
Field Goal Worth 3 points and made by the Kicker by kicking the ball through the end posts of the goal.
Line of Scrimmage An imaginary line which no player may cross before the ball is snapped
Play The strategy or method that is used to get the football down the field.
Punt When a player is 10 yards behind the center catches the snap, drops it and kicks it before it hits the ground.
Touch Down Worth 6 points and made by running the ball to the opposing teams field goal area.
Sack The tackle of a quarterback behind his line of scrimmage.


For more information check out www.nfl.com or www.football.about.com

Image: Daily Affair, Chick 101 Football for Girls

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