Lazy Girls Guide (LGG) to Leggings

You can wear leggings with virtually anything; a  tank, a t-shirt, a tunic, a button up, a sweater, a cardigan, a scarf, boot socks, etc. Leggings vary in length, material, style, color, and  typically don’t extend beyond the ankle. The great thing about leggings is that it doesn’t take much to make an outfit out of them and for that I and millions of women across the globe are thankful for it!
Types of Leggings
Standard – Made of cotton or spandex. Can go to ankle or calf. Just basic run of the mill.
Jeggings – Jean like leggings. Offer the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings.
Stirrup – Leggings with a banded strap on the bottom that go around the feet that are ideal for boots, heels, or dancers.
Footed – Similar to tights in nature in that they are put on like tights and are very comfortable and less likely to rip or tear.
Remember these rules
Rule #1 – Leggings are NOT Pants!
Rule #2 – Leggings do NOT go with everything!
Rule #3 – Leggings are NOT for everyone!
Check out my top picks below!









Image: Nordstroms, Forever 21, Asos

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