Keurig: Yes or No?

Before I owned a keurig I had only seen the little device in stores and on TV commercials. My friends who owned a keurig had mixed reviews of them but I still wanted one. I decided to research them a little myself and came across a useful article which advised me the Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews 2018. I put it on our wedding registry at the time and sure enough it was gifted! Thanks Aunt Alexis & Ghertan! Now that I have had the little contraption for almost two years now I thought it might be a good idea for those of you trying to figure out if it’s worth it to check out the pro’s and cons below.


  • Fast/Easy– Operating a keurig is so easy even a 5th grader can do it! Just make sure you only use WATER and not milk as my sister once tried because she wanted hot chocolate!
  • Versatility – You can not only make coffee and tea with the keuirg but if you want a bowl of oatmeal or some ramen noodles why not use it!!
  • Variety – As keurigs have increased in popularity the flavor offerings for k-cups has risen as well. If you want a chai tea latte or egg nog coffee you can find a multitude of flavors at your local grocery store which is great!


  • Pricey – Not only is the unit a little pricey if you are consuming more than one cup a day the k-cups can get costly.
  • One K-Cup At A Time – If you’re a pot –a-coffee type of person then the one k-cup policy might be an issue as it is intended for personal use and not large parties.
  • Refilling Water – It would be nice if keruigs could be hooked up to your kitchen tap somehow that you could just turn on the faucet to refill/filter water instead of having to always fill her up when low with the Brita or distilled water.

Verdict – Just Do It! Overall I love my Keurig. While it probably isn’t getting as much use as a new parent I’m sure that when the time comes I will be overly grateful for the device and its “pick me up” properties. It took some testing to find flavors and brands that my husband and I liked but its definitely a great investment and we haven’t had any issues with it since we have had it. Now we can enjoy a little homebrew while reading my favorite coffee memes online. My recommendation is that you do your research no matter what so you can be informed and find what is best for you! One thing I will say though, is my friend recently read an article called How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup: The Perfect Brew, and she said there was no way this Keurig could me making the perfect coffee when I don’t have control over the amount of coffee used. I suppose I agree and I’d have to try a coffee from a brewer to be sure, but I don’t care, I love it!

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