Jane’s Journey To: Aruba

For the hubby and I’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Aruba. If I am honest, we hadn’t even heard of it prior to booking the vacation! We were originally planning a fiji vacation, as we both really want to go. In fact, fiji was on our original list for our Honeymoon, so we had all but decided we would go there. However, a friend dropped Aruba into conversation whilst discussing our trip, and we were both instantly interested. We did a bit of research and thought why not! Check out my scoop on our trip below.
Place Visited: Aruba
Things I Did:? Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, De Palms Jeep Island Safari (Ostrich Farm, Donkey Sanctuary, Gold Mines, Snorkeling  at Baby Beach, Caves, Arikok National Park.
My Thoughts: Aruba is a beautiful Country. I didn’t realize that it was a desert island literally full of cacti and dirt clad mountains and hill tops.. The people are some of the happiest and friendliest people we have met on vacation. This was also the furthers the hubs and I have been in the Caribbean. But unbeknownst to us, Aruba is a popular vacation destination that visitors continuously visit. Aruba has 82-degree days year round, refreshing trade winds and low humidity contributing to the perfect vacation weather. The food was also very good! With over 200 restaurants to choose from you couldn’t go wrong! We met so many people who were on there 7th or 8th trip to Aruba. They love it there so much that they keep coming back. The only negative I could think of was that it was on the pricey end, and this is because Aruba has to import everything which makes simple things like a bottle of water go for $7. So, if you want a relaxing, restful, no fuss vacation with gorgeous beaches you must visit. My only regret was that we didn’t have more time. ?For trip pics look below!
 Image: Behance.net
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