Why Cape Cod is the Perfect Family Vacation

After visiting Cape Cod a few years ago with the hubby we just know we would have to go back one day! Now that we have our little dude we decided that Cape Cod might be the perfect place to start a family tradition. The first time we went to Cape Cod we stayed for about 3 days, this time we stayed for a week. Best decision ever! We were really able to enjoy our time in the Cape much more because we could take our time and just go with the flow. I think that’s the best part about the Cape is just the easy-going nature of the area and people. We have found something new that we like each time we visit whether its a new restaurant, boutique, or a little peaceful place to call our own. We have discussed about moving there or getting ourselves a second home in the future. That beach living is a one of a kind feeling that pulls you into serenity.

So why should you go? Well let me tell ya…

Cape Cod Seashore – So beautiful and picturesque, its really quite calming.

Local Boutiques – There are so many cute little specialty boutiques that you don’t see in your regular shopping malls. You can fine many a unique thing.

Natural Landscaping – The capes natural landscape is breathtaking. There are so many open spaces that you can just sit back and just be its pure bliss.

Provincetown – I love this place!! Everything about Provincetown is wonderful! The food, people, shops, scenery. It has an energy that makes you want to come back!

Relaxation – Relaxation is key and you get lots of it in the Cape because the whole place just oozes relaxation. It’s so easy going and chill it’s just great. Not a care in the world

The Seafood – I LOVE SEAFOOD! And when I’m in the Cape it’s all I eat everyday. You can never have too many lobster rolls dripping in garlic butter!

Adventure – hiking, beach walks, cycling and water sports, are all things that are available in this great vacation hotspot. In addition, the amazing water sports gave us the temptation to go to somewhere like a kayak store and invest in something for our next vacation or a fun day out.






Does this mean we are only ever going to go to Cape Cod? No, of course not. There are other places we’d like to visit. For example, we’ve heard lots of amazing things about the Cayman Islands since our friends visited last summer. I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they are usually quite fussy, but they described it as “paradise”, so it must be good! They said there were lots of fantastic tours, which you can see if you click on this site. So that’s definitely on our list, but we intend to make vacations at Cape Cod a family tradition.

The bottom line is if you’re thinking about going to Cape Cod for vacation, don’t! Just do it! As a note, when you go on family vacation you end up with pics of your kid. Just a fyi..

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